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Non Profit Organization Record Label

Non Profit Organization Record Label


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Show Me The Road Feat. DarkOverdose (Deeplastik & AlexKentucky original mix)

Video by Javier Macías with Blender software Music: Deeplastik & Alex Kentucky Feat. DarkOverdose Record Label: AMHRecords AMHRecords worldwide distribution ...

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AMHRecords is a record label belonging to the area of culture/music of NPO.
AMHRecords give the 80% of its profits to the general funds of


AMHRecords es un sello discográfico perteneciente al Área de Cultura/Música de Armony.
Dona el 80% de sus beneficios a los fondos generales de la organización.

Artist: deeplastik (Canary Island, Spain).

Chill-Out, Tri-Hop, Tech-House, deep & breaks
Love the deep-tech sounds.

Artist: DarkOverdose (Ibiza, Spain).

Trip-Hop, Tech-House,

Of Spanish and Swedish origin, DarkOverdose is born and resides from her childhood in Ibiza (Spain). Thanks to a family with absolute musical devotion (her father played the contrabass, her aunt was a singer and her uncle was both composer and musician) the soundtrack of her life encompasses an immense variety of styles from classical music, to jazz, blues, flamenco, etc…

DarkOverdose starts as DJ and music producer in August 2011. Upon contacting with deeplastik a mutual collaboration is generated, that not only makes them work in armony’s team but transcends to the style transformation of both artists.

After a year of hard work as Marketing Manager of AMHRecords record label, having closed the contracts with Symphonic Distribution, as worldwide distributor of the label references, and 88tc88 for the distribution in Great China (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore), has released the first references with the label this last summer.
Collaborates as singer and producer on the LP “Storm”, that deeplastik will release with the label in December this year.

Artist: Richard FERAL (Canary Island, Spain).

Minimal Techno, Techno, Tech-House

Artist: Andy Drago is a Techno, Progressive House DJ and Producer from England.

His Tracks and Mixes are full of emotions and different feelings.
They are like journeys that take you to a different place.
Every sound is Special, every Mix is Unique, every Emotion is Deep.
Enter his World, Feel his Sound, Be a part of his Incredible Journey.

Alionix is an 18 year old producer/artist from US.


Alionix (also known as Max Fluegel) produces Dubstep/Chillstep and is from Los Angeles, California.
Alionix started producing electronic music when he was sixteen years old, has been using Ableton for two years and is currently attending college to produce electronic music. When producing an original track, Alionix likes to experiment with hip-hop, reggae, a lot of bass with dark, heavy wobbles and anything with a good kick and snare. Alionix has always been interested in Electronic, Dubstep and Experimental music and was really inspired by UKF Dubstep; His main influences include Mt. Eden, Datsik, Caspa, Rusko, and Doctor P. Alionix looks forward to releasing his first EP "Extraterrestrial" ,with AMHRecords and hopefully another in the near future.

Artist: FernandGovea (Canary Island, Spain).


Artist: SICHI (London, UK).

Tech-House, breaks


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Director Manager
Joana Negre Soto
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