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Another Dead Clown - This May Not Work.

Astoria Small Rock
Friends. Music. Whiskey.

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Shoutout from U-Mass about 'This May Not Work'! on Nov 24, 2013.   Source

Friends. Music. Whiskey.

Latest Win:

Shoutout from U-Mass about 'This May Not Work'! on Nov 24, 2013.   Source


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Another Dead Clown ":27 Kiss"

Just an average ADC house party.

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Another Dead Clown is a small rock band based in Astoria, Queens.

Founded as a sprawling musical collaboration between friends, ADC now consists of Chris O'Keeffe, Gerad O'Shea, Meagan Brus and Ian Deming.

The band also often features an extended cast of family, friends, and brave audience members that participate in live performances and recordings.

Another Dead Clown released their debut EP, "Everyone went home alone." in March of 2012 and their first full-length album, "This May Not Work." on June 25, 2013.


Vocals. Guitar.
Bass. Percussion. Piano. Vocals. Sax.
Vocals. Accordion. Tiny Keyboard.
Ukulele. Stories. Tiny Keyboard.

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Nov 24, 2013 Shoutout from U-Mass about 'This May Not Work'!

First full-length album from "small rock" band.

Oct 23, 2013 CMJ Show Review
Another Dead Clown at Rockwood, October 15 The first show I caught was early Tuesday afternoon in a small and welcoming club in lower Manhattan. It was a great introduction to the festival. Another Dead Clown performed friendly and light-hearted folk rock that included ukuleles, toy keyboards, kazoos and percussive chopsticks. Crowd participation was plentiful throughout the set. But while they had their fun with certain songs, they also belted out somber songs like "Akashic Field" and "Spencer's Bad News," which were both memorable and passionate. Source
SPIN Magazine gave us an award!
Oct 15, 2013 SPIN Magazine gave us an award! Another CMJ Music Marathon is descending upon New York City this week, and with it comes another slew of band names so ridiculous they make "Fuck Buttons" look like "the Dave Clark Five." Here are six of the most head-scratching, turned into colorful gifs by Penelope Gazin Source
Sep 30, 2013 Shoutout from PopMatters about our CMJ appearance!

If you are in New York City for CMJ Music Marathon, you're not gonna get a lot of sleep.

Aug 09, 2013 Show Review from We [Heart] Astoria!
Recently, Sweet Afton showcased two live bands—one was Astoria-based Another Dead Clown. With a name like that you might immediately think goth or juggalo, but no; they perform mostly original music on a large variety of instruments. With good harmonies and a celtic- and indie-influenced medium tempo set, Another Dead Clown not only performed, but invited the crowd to participate in the music-making by handing out extra ukeleles. Christopher O’Keeffe says, “We’re always trying to find ways to develop the interactive aspect of the shows. Our philosophy is that music should be inclusive and we try to offer audience members chances to participate throughout the show. The Uke-Along is one of our favorites.” Songs from their two CDs (also available to download here on Bandcamp) are at times wistful (Pyramids) and bittersweet (Akashic Field), yet catchy enough to involve the crowd in a sing-a-long (Holy Fuck!!!). The four members—Meagan Brus, Christopher O’Keeffe, Ian Deming, Gerad O’Shea—switch between vocal duties as well as a number of more traditional instruments as well as the aforementioned ukelele, accordion, and tiny keyboard. For the final song, Drinking Song #4, the band passed around the lyrics so everyone could join in. Another Dead Clown have some more shows coming up, so keep your eye on their site,, or follow them on Twitter at @AnotherDeadClwn to make sure you catch them the next time they perform in Astoria. They are also working on some interesting side projects, one of which is The (Mostly) Astoria Local Music Sampler, with the goal of raising awareness of some of the great local talent. More submissions from local musicians for the project are welcome; for more information, contact Christopher O’Keeffe: Source
Aug 07, 2013 First Contact with Rolling Stone!!
"Thank you for your submission, but due to the sheer volume of music we receive it is unlikely that we will ever respond to your inquiry." -Rolling Stone Magazine
Aug 01, 2013 Musicmuso review of 'This May Not Work.'!
We always like a band here at Musicmuso that's formed from drunken nights playing songs with friends. That's what real music is about. And so, step forward Another Dead Clown! Comprised of Chris O'Keeffe, Gerad O'Shea, Meagan Brus and Ian Deming (and apparently some of the audience at their live shows - where you're likely to be handed some form of random instrument to lend a hand with!). Album opener 'Akashic Field' blasts by in a delightful wave of breeziness, like musical sunshine. The equally gorgeous 'Spenser's Bad News' sounds like REM on their summer holidays, and the wistfulness of 'Eva's Guitar' is a nice contrast to this opening duo. On 'Pyramids', they even manage to evoke the sound of Pixies, thanks to some lovely male/female intertwining vocals that adds another level to their sound. Although this album is only 30 minutes long, it twists and turns along the way so that each new track is a surprise; a gem just waiting to be found. On the purely acoustic 'For The Aeroplane', an almost folk aspect is portrayed, before - bang - we're hit with trumpets! It should be a shock, yet it raises a smile at how inventive and enthusiastic the group are. By the time the closing track "HF!!!" comes along you're wishing the end hadn't come so early, and that you could play it all over again. With an 'all-inclusive' ethos to their performances, Another Dead Clown are just the tonic for those long summer days we're all enjoying.
Jul 28, 2013 review for our first album!
What's in a band name? The days of descriptive and memorable rock monikers feel almost as distant as the eight-track. Blogger darlings as varied as Ghost, DIIV and Snoop Lion change names with seemingly little thought. But it's unlikely that anyone who hears the newly-released 'This May Not Work.' or stops by Williamsburg's Spike Hill on Tuesday, July 30 will forget that the band is called Another Dead Clown. 'This May Not Work.' runs traditional Americana through 21st century indie rock, linked by lively performances and an intimate, communal atmosphere. The yearning "Eight Miles to Ludlow" and the Karen Garro-sung "For the Aeroplane (You Could, You Could)" deserve spots on your next romantic mix tape. The polyphonous "Eva's Guitar" builds a rolling piano line into the kind of rousing singalong that the Decemberists are still searching for. -
Jul 10, 2013 Gerdas-Tanzcafe review of our EP! [we're working on a translation]
'A Penny Proposition' wird durch eine Percussion-Flut fast schon ins Indie-Poppige gezogen, wären da zum Ende nicht einige atonale Zupfer und Meagan Brus' arienhaftes Aufgestöhne. Ein Banjo und eine Mundharmonika verhelfen "Guns & Currency" dann zur namensgebenden Westernballade. Juni 2013 folgte ihr Debüt-Album "This May Not Work" (Stream HIER), welches erneut mit einer Vielzahl von Gastmusikern auftrumpft, u. A. Produzent Chris Abell, der nicht nur mit seinem Bass einigen Songs mächtig Feuer unter'm Hintern macht, und erneut Kevin Carranza am Banjo. Neben dem digitalen Album-Download wurde auch eine limitierte CD-Auflage gepresst, die allerdings nur zu Veranstaltungen (manchmal sogar kostenlos) an den Mann gebracht wird. -
Jul 09, 2013 review of 'Eva's Guitar'
I will be honest - when I saw the name Another Dead Clown for the first time, I really didn't expect to hear the graciousness you are about to experience when you reach the bottom of this post. Actually, it has been forever since a song has managed to deeply sadden me and simultaneously fill my heart with hope. I can't really express the genuine happiness I feel when discovering such young, vivid and talented artists. Chris (with whom I had the pleasure to exchange few emails), Meagan, Ian and Gerad - thank you! -!/another-dead-clown-evas-guitar
Jun 10, 2013 Another Dead Clown Releases "This May Not Work." -- First full-length album from "small rock" band.
While many bands strive to be perceived as “united” with the audience during a performance, it can be hard to find bands that practice what they preach. The recording process for "This May Not Work." followed a similar approach to Another Dead Clown’s early days of collaborative performing. Multiple tracks on the album include vocals and instrumentals from musicians and friends of the band, which played a significant role in creating asynchronous tonality throughout the record. “Every song sounds different but somehow hangs together with the theme,” O’Keefe said. “Different instrumentation, different singers, varying levels of candor, irony, and humor make me think every song on 'This May Not Work.' sounds a little different from every other song. Diverse elements applied throughout the record have several associations, but thematically, it's very much about two people who love each other, who also realized that they are not going to be together romantically, but still want to be in each other's lives.” O’Keeffe added, “It's really hard to stay in that middle area when the forces of attraction are pushing you back together and the impulse of self-preservation is telling you to cut it off completely.” "This May Not Work." fulfills the desire to hear a powerful creation of music derived from both individual and collaborative forces. This album is ideal for those longing to hear an ideation of real music that is finely complemented by lyrics composed with sincere, thoughtful purpose. - The Mass Media


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