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Black Fast

St. Louis, MO Heavy Metal
Ridiculously high raw fury - Decibel

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Album Review Black Fast - Spectre of Ruin (eOne) on Jul 06, 2018.   Source

Ridiculously high raw fury - Decibel

Latest Win:

Album Review Black Fast - Spectre of Ruin (eOne) on Jul 06, 2018.   Source


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Cloak of Lies - Official Video

Black Fast "Cloak of Lies" New album "Spectre of Ruin" (eOne) Out Friday, July 13, 2018 Produced by Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studios Tour Dates:

BLACK FAST: I Conspire

Official video for Black Fast 'I Conspire' from new album 'Terms of Surrender' out 8/7/15 from eOne Music Produced by Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studios

Black Fast

Live at Saint Vitus, Brooklyn May 19, 2016

Black Fast - The Coming Swarm

“The Coming Swarm” from Black Fast new album 'Terms of Surrender' out now from eOne Music. Produced by Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studios

Black Fast: In the Studio 'Terms of Surrender'

Behind the scenes tracking for 'Terms of Surrender' debut album on eOne Music out 8/7/15. Produced by Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studios.

Black Fast

Black Fast.
Produced by Luke Schlink & Black Fast.
Additional Photography by Scott Magouirk.
Filmed 2010 in St. Louis, MO
Edited - August 2011.
Camera - Canon XL 1 (Standard Definition)

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There isn’t a single clean passage, moody interlude, orchestral intro, or shoegazing break on Black Fast’s unapologetically destructive third album, Spectre of Ruin. From start to finish, thrash metal fury is the business of Black Fast… and business is very good.

The Midwestern quartet expertly constructs technical marathons of vintage thrash with modern sensibilities and hints of esoteric strangeness. Black Fast is a perfect soundtrack to mornings spent in gridlocked traffic and evenings spent demolishing a backyard party.

The St. Louis thrash crew’s sophomore set, Terms of Surrender, was rightly praised as “a meditation in calculated chaos” and “a barnburner with serious crossover appeal” by Pitchfork. Like metal tomb raiders, the tight-knit quartet excavates the missing link lost in the dimensional vortex that unites retro thrash with proto death metal, delivered with unrelenting momentum and clarity. It’s a sound finely honed over a self-released EP and their debut album, each more pummeling and refined than the last.

As Metal Sucks proclaimed, “There is absolutely no fat on this pig. Like, this is a lean hell-boar with tusks of steel going after your soft flesh in the night. Bow to Black Fast and let it speak you to death!” Spectre of Ruin ups the ante for a too often underserved genre. Black Fast press forward with riffs, leads, fills, and lyrics so deliciously malicious they will elicit black-toothed grins from even the most cynical of extreme music fans.

Since the release of their EP Starving Out the Light (2013), and Terms of Surrender (2015), Black Fast has taken their fast-paced celebratory blackened assault to the masses. In clubs and theaters, they’ve combined forces with bands like Overkill, Goatwhore, Voivod, Havok, Revocation, Crowbar, Vektor, Hate Eternal, Rivers of Nihil, and Battlecross. The fire burning around the group is evident on YouTube: “I Conspire” has been viewed more than 300,000 times.

Album opener “Cloak of Lies” sets the stage for Spectre of Ruin with a heaping helping of everything Black Fast represents, a locomotive of riffs barreling down the tracks with determined speed and aggression. Songs like “Mist of Ruin,” “Famine Angel,” “Scarecrow and Spectre” and “Phantom I Am” feature masterful solos that are tasteful yet ripping. Black Fast is on fire lyrically, as well. “Temple of Leviathan” takes a page from timeless mythology, giving the “belly of the beast” allegory renewed vigor.

Like its predecessor, Black Fast’s Spectre of Ruin was summoned into sharp focus at Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida, with Erik Rutan, the Hate Eternal frontman and ex-Morbid Angel guitarist who has produced albums by genre titans like Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore, and Six Feet Under. It’s all killer, no filler, demonstrating the destructive force of focused neo-thrash and progressive death-infused heavy metal at its finest.

Black Fast follow the road map laid down by the great bands with “Angel” and “Death” in their names, swearing off the trappings of the mainstream with steadfast dedication to their chosen craft. As vocalist/guitarist Aaron Akin once summarized, “We’ve pushed our chips all-in since the beginning. We threw caution to the wind. We’re playing metal. We don’t really give a shit about ‘making it.’”

This music is a vibrant soundtrack to society’s collapse and a celebration of defiant resolution. The Black Fast mission is ruthlessly simple: champion musical aggression, bark at the moon, raise a fist, and head bang like there’s no tomorrow.


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Jul 06, 2018 Album Review Black Fast - Spectre of Ruin (eOne)
Solos so powerful you’ll need to hold onto something just to steady yourself... if the likes of Silhouette Usurper, Phantom I Am, Famine Angel and Husk don’t get your metal juices flowing then you’re probably already dead. Source
A runaway death-train powered by sharp, aggressive riffs, a no-holds-barred approach. - Revolver Source
Jul 02, 2018 Get Beaten Into a Pulp by Black Fast's New Song "Husk"
"Husk" is here to beat you into the ground, and then continue beating you into the ground until there's nothing left of you. Source
Jun 29, 2018 Review Black Fast Spectre of Ruin
Black Fast return with a beautiful opus of menacing metal on their new album. The metal onslaught is relentless. With each listen, you will find more to love about this album. Source
Jun 09, 2018 Black Fast Release Their Latest Melodic Ripper "Silhouette Usurper"
Filled with infectious guitar harmonies, the right amount of dark ambiance, and fast paced grooves, it's the stuff that makes any fan of blackened music, prog, or thrash salivate for more. Source
Jun 08, 2018 Premiere: Black Fast Silhouette Usurper
3:43 of shredtastic shreddery and a wicked combination of speed and melody. Source
Jun 06, 2018 Black Fast - Spectre Of Ruin
With a leaner and more technical sound than ever before, this is a record that pushes the boundaries of what the band can do and hints at so much more from these new school meets old school stalwarts. Fusing Vektor with Revocation by way of Death, they are exactly what the scene needs right now. Source
Jun 05, 2018 Black Fast Returns to Ripping Faces with Cloak of Lies
Black Fast have been on a steady climb of slaying since their debut LP in 2013, this year they're back with an all new onslaught of riffage called Spectre of Ruin. Source
May 07, 2018 Track and Video Premiere: Black Fast, Cloak of Lies
“Cloak of Lies” finds Black Fast doing what Black Fast have always done so well: unrelenting, savage thrash with a dose of progressive riffing thrown in. Source
'I Conspire' 300,000 views
Jan 02, 2017 'I Conspire' 300,000 views
Black Fast offiical video 'I Conspire' reaches 300,000 YouTube views. Source
Aug 17, 2016 Vektor and Black Fast to Kick In Skulls Across America This Fall
The two thrash titans are heading out on tour together in November, and it’s going to be insane. Even I, an ancient crooked-backed piece of dogshit, would get in the pit and throw some ‘bows during one of these shows. It’s going to be a hurricane of sweaty vests and spilled beer, and I for one can’t Source
"Asking some friends of mine at the show who consider themselves death metal purists, they had no idea what to expect from Black Fast, but were won over by the sets’ end, compelled by the band’s rollicking old school attack and vocalist Aaron Akin’s unwavering, punishing howl." - Riot Nerd Source
Apr 18, 2016 Live Review: Hatchet, Black Fast at Frankies Inner-City in Toledo
"Black Fast takes off at the speed of light with a barrage of insane riffs played with surgical precision." -- National Rock Review Source
Best Photos from SXSW 2016
Mar 22, 2016 Best Photos from SXSW 2016

Concert Review: Rivers of Nihil, Dark Sermon & Black Fast
Mar 20, 2016 Concert Review: Rivers of Nihil, Dark Sermon & Black Fast
"It’s not hard to see why they get so much attention. This is as rapid-fire and tight as it comes musically... Lots of meaty grooves and riffs and ferocity made for moshing with just a touch of old-school." -- Metal Junkie Zine Source
Black Fast Delivers an Old School, Yet Youthful, Fire to Atlanta Metal Fans.
Mar 04, 2016 Black Fast Delivers an Old School, Yet Youthful, Fire to Atlanta Metal Fans.
"Black Fast is out to conquer...if they keep doing things the way they are doing, they will definitely leave their mark on a genre that so desperately needs something refreshing." - The Great Southern Brainfart Source
Feb 29, 2016 I Talked To Black Fast About What It’s Like To Be A Middle School Metalhead In St Louis
Black Fast are one of the most exciting bands in the game these days.--Toiletovhell Source
Feb 19, 2016 SiriusXM Liquid Metal Interview/Guest DJ Takeover
Dec 12, 2015 Metal Injection Winter Warriors Tour is Thrash Heaven
"In some ways Black Fast have a throwback sound to when thrash was a bit more pure and that is really what makes them so endearing.I have a feeling their tees will be on more backs and their tunes on more players for many years to come." Source
Dec 10, 2015 ToH Writers Best of 2K15
"A straight-up ripper, no filler included. It satisfies the death/thrash-sized hole in my heart that older Revocation used to fill. “The Coming Swarm” and “The Fall” are the best songs Megadeth never wrote."-Toiletovhell Source
Nov 23, 2015 2015’s In Case You Missed: Black Fast’s Terms of Surrender
“The Coming Swarm” is the band’s ultimate achievement, combining all of the elements that make Black Fast wonderful... like something Megadeth did back in the days of Rust In Peace.--Toiletovhell Source
Oct 14, 2015 15 bands to watch at CMJ 2015
In CMJ’s usual sea of silly-to-mind-numbingly-stupid band names, Black Fast have by far the most literal, spitting up a highly contagious strain of blackened thrash metal that has earned comparisons to the likes of Skeletonwitch and Death. With hesh options more scarce than ever this year, consider these St. Louis speedfreaks—and their ripping new LP, Terms of Surrender—officially elevated to must-hear Source
Oct 14, 2015 Black Fast: Terms of Surrender
"One of the best acts to appear on the scene in years.Terms of Surrender is a must for thrash maniacs and will propel these guys to the top in no time. 9/10"--OUTBURN
Oct 08, 2015 NORTH TEXAS BLACK OUT: Live review
"Full of solos so hot that I swear smoke started to emit from Trevor’s fretboard." --SoundcheckDFW Source
Thrash your goddamned reproductive organs off. You can take a breath near the end (and let your head go spinning in a different and wonderful way).--No Clean Singing Source
Black Fast -
Oct 05, 2015 Black Fast - "The Coming Swarm" [Exclusive Music Video Premiere]
As they continue to promote their "blistering, bludgeoning, no-holds-barred metal" we're super-stoked to be able to help them exclusively premiere the brand new music video for their ripping track "The Coming Swarm". --PureGrainAudio Source
Oct 05, 2015 Black Fast: “The Coming Swarm” Video Released!
It’s simply a non-stop attack of true metal in your ears, and I can’t stop listening to it! Luckily for you, we have a brand new video for your thrashing pleasure today! Thanks to Pure Grain Audio, you can break your neck to the “The Coming Swarm” clip below right now! Turn it up and rage to Black Fast immediately!--Skullsnbones Source
Oct 05, 2015 Black Fast Release “The Coming Swarm” Music Video
Black Fast have released an all new music video for their single “The Coming Swarm” (watch below). The new video come as the band wraps up a highly successful batch of tour dates supporting Revocation. The band will now set off once again supporting Havok in addition to a showcase performance during the CMJ Music Marathon in New York on October 16th. The band will play the Metal Sucks/Metal Injection showcase at The Acheron in Brooklyn with label-mates Black Crown Initiate. All of the bands current tour dates are in support of their new LP Terms of Surrender due out August 7, 2015 via eOne Music.--New Noise Magazine Source
Sep 28, 2015 Album Review: Black Fast – ‘Terms of Surrender’
Amajestic heavy album of the highest order, with a keen ability to take you on a wonderful journey throughout this break-out album. Fast, furious, and supremely head-bangable, Black Fast is band to watch.--New Noise Magazine Source
Sep 07, 2015 Review of Black Fast - "Terms of Surrender"
Mid-Major Mayhem: Noticeably faster than most of their thrash metal counterparts, St. Louis’s Black Fast seem to have taken a page from the Goatwhore playbook and have gone balls out with their driving, furious sound...Infectious and invigorating, Terms of Surrender is nine tracks of aggression, crunch, and speed thrash – everything a growing metal-head needs. Source
Terms of Surrender is an absolute masterpiece of meticulously delivered scorched earth nastiness. - Riot Nerd Source
Aug 25, 2015 Black Fast Enters CMJ Loud Rock Top 10 Chart
Black Fast joined the top 10 at No. 6. Source
Profiles: Black Fast
Aug 18, 2015 Profiles: Black Fast
"That they play well enough to pull off spectacular technical feats while maintaining ridiculously high raw fury levels might be their greatest long-term asset."--Decibel Magazine (Rod Smith)
Aug 14, 2015 Album of the Week: Black Fast, ‘Terms of Surrender’
In last week’s album of the week poll, you, the fans, voted Black Fast to the top spot, for their album ‘Terms of Surrender.’ Check out the top five vote-getters below: 1. Black Fast – Terms of Surrender 2. Miss May I – Deathless 3. Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction 4. Fear Factory – Genexus 5. Sirens & Sailors – Rising Moon Setting Sun Source
Aug 14, 2015 Black Metal Friday: Black Fast ‘I Conspire’
Black Fast has scored the opening slot on a very high profile tour with blackened thrash titans Goatwhore. I’m predicting right now that this excellent band will be winning over legions of new fans on this North American tour swing. --Geeks of Doom Source
Aug 07, 2015 Sh*t That Comes Out Today
No fussing about: Terms Of Surrender is a fucking awesome album. You ever hear something rip and immediately feel that pang of “oh god, this is so fucking metal?” Comparisons to Death are abound, and for good reason: there is absolutely no fat on this pig. Like, this is a lean hell-boar with tusks of steel going after your soft flesh in the night. Bow to Black Fast and let it spear you to death! Source
Aug 07, 2015 Quick Review: Black Fast Terms of Surrender
Sheer personality and energetic, ultracompetent delivery.,,technical competency and focus on strength of the riff--Metal Injection Source
Black Fast’s Terms of Surrender is without a doubt one of the best metal albums of 2015. This work of art is a must-have for all metal fans, especially for those who enjoy great technical music with hooks that are catchy as hell.--National Rock Review Source
Aug 06, 2015 Black Fast Terms of Surrender
The easiest way to describe this record to a fellow metal fan would be Kreator meets Death. To Black Fast's credit, though, they’re smart enough songwriters to meld the two sides without sounding like a rip-off as excellent tracks like “The Fall" and “To Propagate the Void" attest. If they keep it up, they’re going places. 7/10 DECIBEL Magazine
"Thrash-y riffs that would make Mustaine salivate, and all delivered with am emphasis on subtle melody." -- Noisey, Full Album Premiere Source
Aug 05, 2015 Black Fast Is Streaming “Terms of Surrender” Online Right Now! MOSH!
Fuck yes!!! The wait is over, and the new Black Fast is streaming online for your moshing pleasure today! It’s an absolute rager from start to finish, and will only leave you wanting more!-- Source
Aug 04, 2015 Black Fast: “I Conspire” Video Released!
"This band rips it up like no other band out there, and are true sign that the future of metal is very bright! It’s one of the must have albums of 2015! TRUST ME!" Source
Aug 04, 2015 Black Fast: "Conspire" Guitar Playthrough Video — Exclusive
Today, presents the exclusive premiere of a new playthrough video featuring—from top to bottom—Aaron Akin, Trevor Johanson and Ryan Thompson—of St. Louis speed metal four-piece Black Fast.-- Guitar World Source
Aug 03, 2015 BLACK FAST "I Conspire" Music Video is Kick-Ass Speed Metal
We're pumped to premiere this new video from up-and-coming St. [Louis] blackened death metal purveyors Black Fast. These guys know how to bring the party and the thrash in the vein of bands like Skeletonwitch and Toxic Holocaust.--Metal Injection Source
Aug 01, 2015 Album Review: Black Fast – Terms of Surrender
"Terms of Surrender delivers on every aspect of thrash metal you could ask for. There is instrument work to behold and admire and vocals and rhythm that will make you happy to blow out every speaker you own. 10/10" -- Rocked Reviews Source
Jul 31, 2015 Black Fast – Terms of Surrender
One of the most endearing things about this album is that every track has a solo that doesn’t feel like it was just squeezed into the track. It gives you something extra to be excited for, on top of the already technical compositions. The band really seems to have a deep knowledge on how to write music imbued with the soul of thrash. 4/5--Heavy Blog is Heavy Source
Jul 31, 2015 Black Fast "Tongues Of Silver"
A barnburner with serious crossover appeal, but also a firmly-established conscience.--Pitchfork Source
Jul 30, 2015 Black Fast: “The Coming Swarm” Single Released!
Holy headbang! We’ve been posting a ton about Blast Fast in the past few weeks, but who can blame me? These Missouri metallers are fucking killer, and I’m beyond excited to hear their entire new album! You can blast “The Coming Swarm” right now at loud volumes! It’s fucking awesome right?! THESE GUYS RIP!-- Source
Jul 29, 2015 Black Fast Debut New Single
Black Fast have debuted yet another track titled “The Coming Swarm” exclusively via Invisible Oranges today. -- New Noise Magazine Source
Exclusive Track Debut: Black Fast's 'The Coming Swarm'
Jul 29, 2015 Exclusive Track Debut: Black Fast's 'The Coming Swarm'
“The Coming Swarm” is just the latest relentless ripper to come from Black Fast‘s strong debut LP Terms of Surrender, coming out in a few days on August 7th.-- Invisible Oranges Source
Neo-thrash band from St. Louis, Missouri releasing their studio debut. Their early stuff was quite promising, and their first single from new album, “To Propagate the Void”, is an absolute ripper.--The Amalgam Source
Jul 21, 2015 Black Fast Terms of Surrender
It’s the utterly relentless intensity from start to finish that gives Black Fast their charm. Doused with adrenaline and uncanny knack to keep things interesting despite the blistering speed – it’s a rare combination in such a young band. Terms of Surrender is bound to give you a sore neck with repeated lessons, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 8.5/10--Dead Rhetoric Source
Black Fast: Brutal Thrashers Channel Their Own Fiery Deaths
Jul 21, 2015 Black Fast: Brutal Thrashers Channel Their Own Fiery Deaths
Bristles with the raw energy of Bathory and the adventurous spirit of Death...Black Fast's filthy, breakneck sound evokes Florida death metal and European thrash.--Revolver Magazine
Jul 07, 2015 Black Fast Go For The Throat With “I Conspire”
The band really doesn’t fuck around, hitting the listener with big riffs and boundless energy every time. Case in point, “I Conspire”, the track the band released today via Revolver. A perfect fusing of a thrash metal core and huge black and death metal influences, this song packs a punch without resorting to typical caveman aggro stomp. Turns out it’s not just a clever band Source
Jul 07, 2015 Black Fast Conspire with new song
St. Louis, Missouri is best known as the home of Anheuser-Busch, a place with an arch, and well, not a ton else. However, with the release of their sophomore album (and first for eOne), Black Fast is about to put the city on the map as far as blackened thrash. --Metal Insider Source
Jul 07, 2015 Black Fast Releases Another KILLER New Song For Your Thrashing Pleasure!
If you thought the first single, “To Propagate the Void“, was a rager, wait until you hear this new track!...Seriously people, THIS BAND CAN DO NO WRONG!,,, Necks will be shattered!--Skulls N Bones Source
Jul 07, 2015 Black Fast Premiere New Song, “I Conspire”
St. Louis, Missouri metal act Black Fast will release their new album, ‘Terms of Surrender,’ on August 7 via eOne. In anticipation, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere their new song, “I Conspire.” --Revolver Magazine Source
Jun 09, 2015 Listen To The New Black Fast Song Now!
Are you ready to hear your new favorite band? Just like their previous material, it’s INSANELY AWESOME!...Black Fast fucking SLAYS all!--Skulls N Bones Source
Jun 09, 2015 Exclusive Track Premiere: Black Fast, “To Propagate the Void”
We love it when bands we’ve featured in our Unsigned and Unholy column go on to garner recognition from the metal world at large, and that’s exactly what happened last year when metal powerhouse eOne scooped up St. Louis foursome Black Fast, who we featured in 2013. So when the band inquired if MetalSucks would be interested in streaming the very first single from their label debut Terms of Surrender, the only appropriate answer was “hell fucking Source
"Black Fast has an amazing blend of heaviness and melody," says Rutan. "Their aggressive and raw style has a very unique approach and an immense energy to it. Black Fast has an interesting range of influences in their music, making it impossible to stereotype or pigeon hole. I think the recording process went fantastic and feel this is an album metal fans will truly appreciate." Source
Apr 22, 2015 St. Louis' Thriving Metal Scene is Catching International Attention
Aaron Akin might consider himself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. Black Fast established itself as a jaw-dropping live band with a full-throttle virtuosic brand of classic, long-haired thrash metal.--Riverfront Times Source
Feb 04, 2015 Black Fast Recording New Album With Producer Erik Rutan Via eOne Music
"St Louis metal outfit Black Fast has signed with eOne Music and is recording their forthcoming album with producer Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Six Feet Under, Goatwhore, Cannibal Corpse). The album is due out later in 2015."--Ghost Cult Mag Source
Jan 21, 2015 Black Fast Enters the Studio with Erik Rutan!
The riffs are airtight, the solos are speedy yet melodic, and the screamy/raspy vocals should position them among the death metal elite in 2015. They’re hard working, talented, and incredibly nice guys to boot.--ToiletOvHell Source
Jan 21, 2015 St. Louis metallers Black Fast enter studio
"Combining the schools of both Bay-area thrash and the timeless dark, desperate energy of black and death metal, the band’s unique aggression and incredible speed and style is sure to make even the most skeptical metalhead’s fingers feel bloodied even by listening to their riffs."--Metal Insider Source
Known for his work with Hate Eternal, Six Feet Under, Goatwhore and Cannibal Corpse, Rutan was an easy choice for the band. "I am very excited to work with Black Fast," Rutan says himself. "They have a very unique style with a ton of energy, creativity, and a certain aggressiveness and fire rarely seen in this day and age of music." Source
Jan 20, 2015 Black Fast Enters Studio with Producer Erik Rutan
Black Fast songs have a hungry ferocity reminiscent of the Bay Area thrash scene, the likes of which haven’t been this raw or hyper-charged in decades. “From the moment I first heard them I knew that we would be a great pairing in making a massive album. Their potential is limitless and their originality and creativity shows no boundaries. I look forward to bringing out the best of them in their performances and helping craft a masterful record!”--New Noise Magazine Source
Jan 20, 2015 Black Fast Enters Studio With Producer Erik Rutan – Debut LP Due Out Summer 2015
St. Louis metal outfit BLACK FAST will enter Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, FL this week with veteran producer Erik Rutan to begin work on their debut LP for eOne Music. Known for his work with HATE ETERNAL, SIX FEET UNDER, GOATWHORE and CANNIBAL CORPSE, Rutan was an easy choice for the band. “Excited doesn’t even do justice to the mind frame we are in. I’ve followed his work for over a decade, and he’s been at it for way longer than that. I mean, it’s f***ing Erik Rutan!” Source
The Saint Louis metal scene is growing fast, with band’s like Lion’s Daughter, Fister, Bastard, Tropical Storm, Cross Examination and many many others climbing themselves into the public consciousness. But Black Fast might be getting there a bit sooner. Started in 2010 by Aaron Akin, Trevor Johanson, Ryan Thompson and Ross Burnett, Black Fast’s 2011 album Starving Out the Light garnered seriously strong reviews, including comparisons to some of thrash metal’s heroes. But most recently, Black Fast got themselves signed to eOne Music, current home of thrash legends Overkill and High On Fire among others. Source
Nov 12, 2014 10 Best Band Names in St. Louis
"In addition to being two words that succinctly sum up the sound of the Edwardsville, Illinois, neo-thrash outfit, Black Fast also refers to one of the most severe forms of Catholic fasting. The band made a sizeable splash last year with its debut, Starving Out the Light, and has already signed on for a 2015 release with record label EOne Music. See what happens when you pick a good name?" Source
Nov 06, 2014 Black Fast Signs With eOne Music, Home of High On Fire, Overkill, Crowbar
"St. Louis' Black Fast, which this publication named Best Metal Band in St. Louis in both 2011 and 2013, announced on Monday that it has signed a worldwide deal with EOne Heavy, home of top-tier metal acts including High On Fire, Overkill and Crowbar."- Riverfront Times Source
"One listen to their debut album “Starving Out the Light” (SOTL) kicked the crap out of my speakers – it’s an absolute banquet of riffs all held together by a super-tight rhythm section. The song structures are complex but not in a pretentious way. From the overpowering launch of opener “Levitations”, to the ruthless battering of “Obelisk”, to the frenetic end of “Lack Regard” – SOTL is 33 minutes of ferociousness."-53rd & 3rd Source
Black Fast signs with eOne Music
Nov 03, 2014 Black Fast signs with eOne Music
Midwestern progressive thrashers BLACK FAST have announced a worldwide deal with eOne Music. The band plans an all new full length LP next year and could not be more excited. "What an amazing day for not only Black Fast, but for every local heavy metal band out there," says guitarist/vocalist Aaron Akin. "Our signing to eOne Music is a reminder to keep grinding, writing, rehearsing, opening up for nationals, developing relationships and doing whatever it takes." The yet to be titled LP will be the bands followup to their highly buzzed about self-released Starving Out The Light. Source
Midwestern progressive thrashers, Black Fast, have announced a worldwide deal with eOne Music. The band plans an all new full length LP next year and could not be more excited. Source
Nov 03, 2014 Black Fast Inks Deal With eOne Music
They’re quickly making their way up in the local and regional rankings. I suggest keeping an eye out for them nationwide. They spend time hanging out with the fans and they have a great sense of humor, always smiling and laughing and having a good time. --National Rock Review Source
Jul 09, 2014 Thrash Review 2: Vindicator, Razormaze, Violator & Black Fast
"I would dare to say the vocals on this album are even better than Vektor's.They've got kind of a midrange, raspy screech to it, their riffs are just excellent." Source
May 29, 2014 Metal: Meet the 2014 RFT Music Award Nominees
It would be very easy to get stuck on the technicality of Black Fast. Guitarists Trevor Johanson and Aaron Akin make a classic Hammett/Hetfield-style duo, sharing solos with equal parts melody and virtuosity. But the best part about Black Fast is how the final product of its members' years of chop-building just sounds like a party. There are times in life for discipline, for eight-hour days practicing scales. Black Fast encapsulates these while also reflecting the times when you just need to shotgun a beer. Source
Battlecross with Black Fast
May 28, 2014 Battlecross with Black Fast
"Their set was hard, fast, and heavy, and whipped the crowd into a frenzy." Source
Apr 10, 2014 Sifting Through Bandcamp
The whole album is a real headbanger from start to finish. It’s hard to see these guys staying unsigned much longer with the amount of energy on Starving Out the Light.--Dead Rhetoric Source
Mar 12, 2014 Métal en rafale : Benighted, Woods of Desolation, Dephosphorus, Morbus Chron, Artificial Brain et Black Fast
"Worthy of what Friedman and Mustaine could deliver at the time of Rust in Peace. 8.1/10" --Boulevard Brutal Source
Feb 02, 2014 Metal Storm Awards 2013: Best Thrash Metal Album -
Imagine Chuck Schuldiner, Vektor & Enslaved all locked in a room together, pumping out some of the heaviest and most infectious, riff-laden progressive blackened thrash metal you've ever heard.--Metal Storm Source
Jan 31, 2014 BLACK FAST - St. Louis, MO
I like the cut of your jib, Blackfast. I’m not even going to describe this because FUCKING DUH, THEY’RE CALLED BLACKFAST. Speed demons and hellraisers take heed.--Kim Kelly, Necrolust Source
Dec 31, 2013 The Best St. Louis Metal Releases of 2013
These seven tracks proved well worth the wait, and they cannot only hang with new releases by modern thrash revivalists like Revocation and Vektor, but have the heart, skill and raw energy to blow them right out of the water.--Riverfront Times Source
Dec 26, 2013 Best Releases of the Year
Revocation may get all the hype, but Black Fast easily have the best thrash riffs of the year, and for me it’s not even close. Starving Out The Light is actually closer to Vektor than Revocation, with a strong technical flair that really elevates the entire album, and the instrumentation is top-notch, with some nicely audible bass complementing the razor-sharp riffs and solos. --No Clean Singing Source
Nov 14, 2013 Unsigned & Unholy
I’m tempted to compare Black Fast to Revocation, but really I think they just remind of one of the bands that most influenced Revocation: Death. Starving Out the Light has Human-era Death written all over Source
“Blackened thrash” is a start at a genre description, but doesn’t do justice to the intricacy or the strong progressive leanings of the songwriting. It’s kind of like a mash-up of Vektor and Blotted Science. Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this band before, because the music is exuberantly creative and executed with top-shelf skill.--No Clean Singing Source
Oct 17, 2013 The Ten Best St. Louis Metal Bands
"The members of Black Fast don't play games; they play metal. Blistering, bludgeoning, no-holds-barred metal. You can hear the 10,000 hours of practice in each expertly executed riff and fill." --Riverfront Times Source
Oct 09, 2013 Why It Matters to Havok's Reese Scruggs

"As for bands in the genre who are decent, Revocation, Skeletonwitch, Sylosis are my favorites. Vektor too, as well as a new band from St. Louis called Black Fast."--Reese Scruggs, Havok

Jun 01, 2012 Winner 2012 Headbang for the Highway St. Louis winner for 2012 Headbang for the Highway battle of the bands for Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. Performed on the Sumerian Stage in Kansas City with I Breather and Upon a Burning Body


Aaron Akin
Trevor Johansen
Ross Burnett
Ryan Thompson