Carlyne Fournier /  New England Actress & Bilingual Voice Over Artist, Producer

Carlyne Fournier

New England Actress & Bilingual Voice Over Artist, Producer
Promoting awareness on social issues by harnessing the power of media to inspire positive change.

Latest Win:

Cast in Assassin Behind The Glass on Oct 19, 2017.  

Promoting awareness on social issues by harnessing the power of media to inspire positive change.

Latest Win:

Cast in Assassin Behind The Glass on Oct 19, 2017.  


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Collette Commercial CF

Best of our Ireland tour for Collette celebrates 100 years.

Commercial Reel 2018

Carlyne Fournier's latest commercial reel


Carlyne Fournier 's Dramatic Reel

Collette Commercial

Collette goes to Ireland with Carlyne Fournier

United Home Experts... Helping you love your home again

An extended commercial piece we produced where we get to see a family making memories together in their newly remodeled home. From windows to roofing, United Home Experts does it all and they do it right.


Small clip of Attorney Barbara Anderson from Spin The Plate - a film by Tom Anastasi, directed by Eric Eastman and starring Becki Dennis Buchman.

Producer: Award-Winning music video - "Take My Keys"

Download the song for free on iTunes

Clarke NE Official Showroom and Test Kitchen - Be Thrilled

Premiering at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Clarke's newest :30 second TV spot! Clarke is where you will see more Sub-Zero and Wolf models on display than ...

Actress: I AM MONROE

A teaser scene of Carlyne Fournier playing the paranoid schizophrenic Gladys Baker in the highly anticipated feature "I Am Monroe", a film by Jocelyn Padilla. Edited by ...

Actress: Bulimic kitchen scene from "My Pretty Maura"

Late night kitchen scene from "My Pretty Maura" featuring Carlyne Fournier as a bulimic mother and Christine Hunt as the daughter struggling with a dimorphic...

Voice Over: Commercial #1

One of Four French Voice Over Commercials recorded for MOTT

Voice Over: Commercial #2

French V.O. Commercial for Massachusetts

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Carlyne Fournier – Complete Bio
Carlyne is a New England based producer, bilingual actress, and voice over artist, who loves what she does. Born and raised on the outskirts of Montreal, Carlyne has had a passion for film since she was eight years old - already then attending double feature presentations at local cinemas by herself.

Over the last couple of years alone, Carlyne has gained over 60 credits in the film and television industry, and was the recipient of the "Best Supporting Actress" award at the 2012 Massachusetts Independent Film Festival for her role in "My Pretty Maura".

Some of her most recent projects include: producing the award winning Music Video "Take my Keys" which promotes anti-teen drunk driving; "Spin The Plate" where she played Barbara - a tough defense attorney; "The American Templars" where she portrayed the unflinching Lilly Yarborough; "Justice is Mind" for her co-starring role as Dr. Pullman; "The Witching Hour" with actor Michael Madsen & William Forsythe; and "I am Monroe" as the paranoid schizophrenic Gladys Baker.

But Carlyne's true passion lies with films that shed light on social issues in hopes of provoking social change. She ultimately wishes to combine her creative craft with the power of media to help educate and promote global awareness on issues close to her heart. As such, in 2013-2017 Carlyne was involved - as an actor or producer - in projects representing a variety of causes: "Spin The Plate" a film about children sexual abuse; "Double Zero" a short film about teen Anorexia; "Theory of Conflict" a film on racial & ethnicity clashes amongst college students; "Silence" a feature exploring the tremendous impact of texting & social media on our lives; "Day One" a short film about teen addiction; and of course “Take my Keys” a music video promoting anti-teen drunk driving.

In the coming year, Carlyne is most excited about working with On Edge
Productions & NE Studios and be part of CANʼT GO HOME, a Boston based TV series about gangsters and fugitive recovery agents.

When not working on improving her craft with her acting coaches, Carlyne spends all her quality time with her family either in Quebec or at home by the ocean in Massachusetts.


Wins   Key

Oct 19, 2017 Cast in Assassin Behind The Glass

Cast as a TV Host in Patrick Jerome's feature film Assassin Behind The Glass.

Sep 25, 2017 Fidelity Investment

Booked a Fidelity Investment Web Commercial project.

Sep 01, 2017 Cast in a Way Fair Commercial

Aug 09, 2017 IBM Industrial

Booked in an IBM Industrial Thanks AWA!

Jul 18, 2017 Print Job

Booked a Print job for Granite City! Thanks to my Agent #AWA

SELLA's Kitchen
Jul 18, 2017 SELLA's Kitchen

Joining the Cast of SELLA's Kitchen and looking forward to working with talented Director, Producer and Writer Ralph Celestin.

Jul 07, 2017 Booked a National Commercial / Ireland
Just booked a National Commercial for Collette Travel to film in Ireland. #ActorsLife Source
Jul 03, 2017 Nash Print Shoot

Booked a Print shoot for Nash ( a condition affecting the liver) with MASSIVE- NYC

Jun 10, 2017 AccuRelief

Booked a TV Commercial for Accu Relief

Can't Go Home
Mar 09, 2017 Can't Go Home
Carlyne to work with On Edges Productions & NE Studios on a Boston TV Series - Can't Go Home Source
Feb 11, 2017 Day One
Carlyne was cast in "Day One" a film about teen addiction by Robert Capron Source
Clean Harbors
Oct 01, 2016 Clean Harbors

Carlyne to be the french voice behind all Clean Harbors' Canadian safety material

Imagine Magazine Cover
Nov 14, 2015 Imagine Magazine Cover
"Women Working The Industry" November 2015 editon
United Home Expert Commercial
Jul 10, 2015 United Home Expert Commercial

Got to do a commercial with her daughter for United Home Expect!

LAWest FEST 2015  Winners
Apr 04, 2015 LAWest FEST 2015 Winners
In The Bedroom comes home with 4 Awards. Congrats to OUR amazing team of folks who made it all possible! ‪#‎Actors‬ ‪#‎Producers‬ ‪#‎Writers‬ ‪#‎Crew‬ ‪#‎Directors‬
Feb 04, 2015 "Can't Go Home"

Carlyne joins On Edge Productions to be part of "Can't Go Home"

Cast in District C-11
Feb 03, 2015 Cast in District C-11

Carlyne joins the cast of District C-11 Directed by Wes William II to play the role of Grey 's Mother

Cover of IMAGINE Magazine
Oct 22, 2014 Cover of IMAGINE Magazine
Carlyne makes the cover of IMAGINE Magazine for the American Film Market Special Edition as a "Provocative Producer" featuring her and her feature Film SILENCE. Source
Apr 25, 2014 MoviePilot Article
Carlyne Fournier Beat Out Over 30 Men For Role Of FBI Director In "Blue Suede" Source
Take My keys WINS 2 AWARDS
Jan 24, 2014 Take My keys WINS 2 AWARDS TMK was recipient of 2 awards at the 2014 Story By The River Film Festival - Best Editing & The SBTR Award for Excellence in Storytelling. Source
Official Selection
Jan 07, 2014 Official Selection

TAKE MY KEYS is an Official Selection of the Stories by the River Film Festival, AND nominated in 7 categories: Best Directing, Best Editing, Best Makeup, Best Picture, Best Production Design, Best Script, Best Visual Effects,

Dec 02, 2013 Nomination

Carlyne ~ nominated for Women in Film-Women of the Year 2013 for her inspirational involvement in the NE film industry.

Cast in
Nov 15, 2013 Cast in "Silence"

Carlyne ~ cast in the film SILENCE - A feature film about the impact of texting and social media on people's lives.

Cast in
Oct 29, 2013 Cast in "Blue Suede"

Carlyne ~ cast in the highly anticipated film BLUE SUEDE as the FBI Director. "She was chosen among 30 men for the role of FEDERAL DIRECTOR KYLE....AMAZING!" Jr Hepburn

Cast in
Oct 21, 2013 Cast in "Spin the Plate"

Carlyne landed the role of Barbara in the anticipated feature "Spin the Plate". The film is going to be directed by Eric Eastman and produced by Tom Anastasi and his based on a book of the same title.

Aug 23, 2013 Producer: "Video Of The Year" - eTalentShowcase 2013 Music Video Contest

Mar 11, 2013 "Carlyne Fournier is someone who has that incredible talent & energy and whose value doesn't just stop at the script. She is the complete package and an asset to any production." - Ben Maitland-Lewis

Sep 25, 2012 "Best Supporting Actress" award for My Pretty Maura


Actress / Producer
Direct Contact
Andrew Wilson
617 701 6400


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Sep 07, 2013 Rosie's Diner Premiere , Appearance   Details
Sep 16, 2013 Justice is Mind's MA Premiere , Appearance   Details
Sep 28, 2013 Justice is Mind Ogunquit Presentation , Appearance   Details
Jan 04, 2014 Capture Premiere Providence, RI Appearance   Details
Jan 11, 2014 Justice Is Mind Screening Plymouth, MA Appearance   Details
Mar 06, 2017 Justice Is Mind Clinton, MA Appearance   Details
Mar 09, 2017 Audition Boston, MA Other   Details
Mar 22, 2017 Theory Of Conflict Brookline, MA Performance   Details
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