Conor Jones /  Pasadena, CA Composer for Visual Media, Trumpet Player

Conor Jones

Composer for Visual Media, Trumpet Player
Pasadena, CA

Latest Win

Ripple — 07/23/2015

Scored a minimlaist sci-fi film entitled "Ripple"

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Conor Jones /  Pasadena, CA Composer for Visual Media, Trumpet Player

I reside in Pasadena, CA as a composer of film and video game music. I aim to create new and interesting music using all available techniques for any type of media.


Composer, Self-employed Jan 2009-Present
•Composed original music for more than a dozen award winning short films, a feature film, web-series, and other projects throughout the media spehere

Intern, Remote Control Productions July 2013-August 2013
•Studio Runner for meals, vehicle pick-up, etc.
•Tend to the needs of various composers and crew
•Maintain a large inventory and see that the studio is clean and maintained

Intern, Sacred Tiger Music (Henry Jackman), March 2013-April 2013
• Studio runner for meals and various other tasks
• Tend to the needs of the studio crew
• Keep the studio clean and well maintained

Intern, Sparks and Shadows (Bear McCreary), Nov.2012-current
• Edit and master audio for archiving and delivery
• Edit Samples For use in templates
• Studio Runner, drive episodes of shows and audio to various locations
• Printing, binding, taping scores and parts for sessions

Production Crew, 55th Monterey Jazz Festival Sept. 2012
• Production tech in a backline crew of 12 people.
• Setting up drum kits, wrapping cables, lugging gear to stages
• Assist artist’s crew with load/unload

Intern, Music and Motion Productions (Lucas Vidal) June 2012-Sept.2012
• Front desk duties, Greet guests as they arrive, Answering the phone
• Putting MIDI files into notation software
• organizing and classifying music libraries, database creation/management
• putting together audio for reels
• bouncing QuickTime videos/audio,
• taping scores and parts

Media Content Assistant, Berklee City Music Sept. 2011-May 2012
• Responsible for organization, creation, and monitoring of media content
• database creation/management

Performer with “Kina Zore” Afro-pop band- June 2010-May 2012
• Trumpet/Background Vocals for a vibrant and upbeat afro-pop band.
• Played over 50 shows in the greater Boston Area


Berklee College of Music: September 2008-May 2012
• Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Film Scoring and Trumpet Performance
• Minor: Video Game Scoring
• Over 300 hours as a studio player
• More than 70 hours conducting my original music in a studio environment
• In excess of 60 live performances with dozens of different groups with people from more than 60 countries


Computer/Music Software:
• Mac OSX, Windows, Digital Performer, Protools, Finale, Sibelius, Reason, Kontakt, Vienna Ensemble, Eastwest PLAY, Wallander Instruments
• Microsoft Office Tools, Google Tools

• Trumpet
• Didgeridoo

Jul 23, 2015



Scored a minimlaist sci-fi film entitled "Ripple"

Apr 30, 2015


Road to the Well
Road to the Well

Scored a feature film "Road to the Well" Written and Directed by Jon Cvack. Drifter, Jack, pays a visit to an old friend Frank whose mundane life is upended after the two become involved in a strange and seemingly random murder and journey up to the Northern California Sierra in order to bury the body.


Jan 01, 2015


My Brother's Keeper
My Brother's Keeper

Scored "My Brother's Keeper," an official selection at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner. When young dope dealer, Dezzy Williams becomes engulfed in his life working the streets, while abandoning his responsibilities at home, his world is turned upside down in the most tragic way. Dezzy is now forced to seek the ultimate redemption and discover the true meaning of life.


Jun 01, 2014



Wrote original music for a web-series called "MisSpelled." We follow 5 beautiful witches as they grasp the true depth of their wicked virtues.


Feb 01, 2014


Scored Short Film "3 Days Later"

A young couple starts finding cryptic messages in their home. The messages appear to be counting down to something, but to what?


Dec 31, 2013


Scored Short Film
Scored Short Film "Seven Days"

See the struggle of a young couple as they endure the darker aspects of heroin addiction. But they have one thing: the promise of a better life brought about by being locked in a room, for Seven Days.


Dec 20, 2013


Scored Short Film "Mates"

Jimmy and Robbie are the best of mates , there's only one thing that could threaten coming between them...the ultimate mate betrayal.

Sep 15, 2013


Scored Short Film "Worlds Apart"

Worlds Apart is a drama short about a young woman on the precipice of her new life. Her past remains a shadow that follows her. We follow as she reconnects with her estranged father and her long lost step-sister, ultimately realizing what she must to move forward.


Aug 11, 2013


Scored Short Film
Scored Short Film "Drunk Man"

Scored an Action Comedy Short called "Drunk Man." A man drinks Vodka to activate his superpowers. But we wonder: is he simply drunk? Or is he truly, drunk man?


Jul 22, 2013


Interned at Remote Control Productions

Interned at Hans ZImmer's studio.

Apr 01, 2013


Scored Short Documentary:
Scored Short Documentary: "Ma Chere Helen"

This short film explores the relationship between filmmaker, François Truffaut, and his dear friend and colleague, Helen Scott. Their working friendship, developed over the course of two decades, is documented through extensive letters with which we had unique access through Madeleine Morgenstern, Truffaut's ex-wife. Helen Scott, who worked at the New York French Film Office at the cusp of the French Nouvelle-Vague, played a key role in many of Truffaut’s American involvements such as his famous collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock. She helped with his initial entry into the American film scene and continued to be a source of support throughout the years. Through her work, she maintained relationships with various other film directors but had no one as dear as François Truffaut. They quickly became kindred spirits through bonding over their troubled childhoods, sharing a similar sense of humor, and relishing in each other’s advice and support. Helen, who died shortly after François, is buried in close proximity to him in the Montmartre Cemetery in Paris. This film will portray the unique connection between two incredible individuals: one French and the other American, one renowned and one nearly forgotten.

Mar 15, 2013


Wrote score for Short Film: "Love Abridged"

Love Abridged is a ten-minute comedy about two strangers, Jeremy and Clarice, who embark on a journey to find the definition of love... without ever leaving Clarice’s front lawn. Although Clarice is smitten with Jeremy from the get-go, it takes him over fifty years to come to terms with the fact that it’s not about finding an answer to the question of “What is Love?” but rather, finding comfort that he is simply in love, all definitions aside.


Mar 01, 2013


Intern for Henry Jackman

Intern for film composer Henry Jackman for 5 weeks.

Nov 30, 2012


Wrote Score for short film "To Fall and be Free"

To Fall and be Free takes place in a world in which Heaven and Hell are competing bureaucracies. Inspired by John Milton's "Paradise Lost" this film will follow the angel Samael as he grows tired of his day to day number crunching job and attempts to change the universe forever.


Nov 05, 2012


Internship for Bear McCreary

Intern for multimedia composer Bear McCreary from Nov. 2012-March 2013.

Sep 17, 2012


Worked at The Monterey Jazz Festival

Worked production crew at the 54th annual Monterey Jazz Festival with a crew of 20 individuals.

Jun 01, 2012


Interned for Lucas Vidal

Interned for film composer Lucas Vidal.

May 04, 2012


Graduated from Berklee

Graduated from Berklee College of Music with a 3.4 gpa and dual major in Film Scoring, Music Performance, and a Minor in Video Game Scoring.

Apr 30, 2012


Wrote score for Short Film "Muse"

Professor Dan Spenser teaches English at a University and is also a writer. He is feeling very uninspired and is unable to write. He goes through his mundane lifestyle with not much excitement. He even has a casual relationship with another professor named Lisa. One day a pamphlet for a “Muse inspiration service” is slid under his office door. At first he shrugs it off, giving it not much more than a glance. However, one night at home, while he is drinking and dwelling in his uninspired lifestyle, he reconsiders and calls the hotline. Before he knows it he is on a date with a Greek Goddess, Thalia, who is the Greek Muse of Comedy.