Darien Brielle /  Atlanta, GA

Darien Brielle

Atlanta, GA

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Darien Brielle /  Atlanta, GA

“I’m beautiful. I’m crazy. None survived my world, believe me. I’m that metallic girl thats so trendy. I’m colorful. I’m unique. I don’t blend at all. I’m a freak...Where I’m from, I’m a queen”; Darien Brielle is an upcoming singer, songwriter, and producer. Born and raised in Atlanta, she started her musical journey at the tender age of 14 where she began writing and performing. Darien was formerly involved with a girl group named “3 A’s Company” created by herself and a few friends which is where she learned the basics of songwriting and producing. Darien’s musical versatility brings a very eclectic and refreshing sound to the ears of her listeners. Her cool synths of electro pop with hints of rock sets the mood like no other but it doesn’t stop there. Darien’s music embodies influences of reggae, electronic, alternative and pop. Banks, an artist whose sound contains raw emotion and a unique twist inspires Darien to stay to true to herself while producing. Other artist lyrics such as Lorde,Tove Lo and Willow Smith possess both elements of pain and pleasure that encourages Darien to stay aware of her reality and truth. Rihanna’s versatility and free-spirit motivates Darien to push boundaries and expand her musical capacity. Darien is currently apart of Panther Entertainment Group as a Certified Entertainer. She’s also currently working on releasing her anticipated single “Chase You Down”, the story of searching and finding love. She can be followed on Instagram at “IamDarienBrielle” and on Youtube, SoundCloud and Twitter at “Darien Brielle”.