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Techno DJ & Producer


Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.

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Interview with change-underground.com — 05/11/2017


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Disscut - Bitterness (OFFICIAL VIDEO) [Vinyllover Recordings]...

Disscut - Bitterness (OFFICIAL VIDEO) [Vinyllover Recordings]

"Bitterness is a war! But together we defeat this war!"

This is the official video for Disscut's new track including the music video "BITTERNESS"


Mastered by 68 Audio Mastering

Request for booking, remixes or for upcoming release check out http://www.vinyllover-recordings.com

Disscut - Imaginary Journey (official teaser)...

Disscut - Imaginary Journey (official teaser)

Official teaser for Imaginary Journey of Disscut. Copyright 2016 Vinyllover Recordings.

Disscut Live @ Musik schafft Freude Volume II...

Disscut Live @ Musik schafft Freude Volume II

MSF Vol.II Heiligenstadt

Disscut - Daphon (Radio Edit)...

Disscut - Daphon (Radio Edit)

Göttingen Art meets Göttingen Music! Music from Göttingen DJ & Producer: Disscut (Vinyllover Recordings)

Disscut - Grüne Wiese (Original Mix)...

Disscut - Grüne Wiese (Original Mix)

Göttingen Art meets Göttingen Music! Music from Göttingen DJ & Producer: Disscut (Vinyllover Recordings)

Imaginary Journey Cover | Disscut
Imaginary Journey Cover
Disscut Picture 2016 | Disscut
Disscut Picture 2016
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Disscut /  Göttingen Techno DJ & Producer

Disscut is a techno DJ and Producer, hailing from Göttingen, Germany.

A self-taught musician who mastered instruments such as drums, piano, cajon and bass guitar, from an early age, Disscut is also known as Tobias Wollborn. He has always been gifted with a passion and raw talent for music, and in 2001 he took it to the next level, beginning his journey as a techno DJ and Producer.
Disscut started his DJ education by playing with vinyls, and soon started to develop, create and experiment with his own tracks.

Currently, Disscut’s music can be found on websites such as iTunes, Beatport and Traxsource, where Disscut is showcasing his eclectic and immersive musical style.

On top of all of this Disscut also owns and runs his own label ‘Vinyllover Recordings’ where he helps develop new talent and grow the musicians in his community. With ‘Vinyllover’, Disscut also wants to enable the underground techno scene to thrive and freely experiment to create new and innovative music.

May 11, 2017

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Interview with change-underground.com


May 05, 2017


Bitterness RELEASE
Bitterness RELEASE

Disscut describes with his track how dangerous bitterness is and how we can stop them. Seven minutes full of concentrated energy, pushing rhythms and a pressing bassline that bring this important message closer to you. Bitterness is the fourth release of Vinyllover Recordings. Mastered by 68 Audio Mastering


Dec 16, 2016


Humanity RELEASE
Humanity RELEASE

Humanity is the latest genius prank of producer and remix-artist disscut. His latest single combines minimalistic sophistication with technoid synth-power and gorgeous shifting baselines. Humanity is the second publication of Vinyllover Recordings. Request for booking, remixes or for info on upcoming releases check out http://www.vinyllover-recordings.com


Oct 07, 2016

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JamSphere Magazin

A beautiful album review in the great JamSphere Magazin


Aug 28, 2016


Imaginary Journey OUT NOW!!!
Imaginary Journey OUT NOW!!!

The first publication "VREC001" from Vinyllover Recordings is OUT NOW! Disscut - Imaginary Journey


Aug 27, 2016


Release Party Imaginary Journey
Release Party Imaginary Journey

This evening you Keep the fun your Resident Dennis camphor (official ) and Adam Hofer , part of Nuon music crew , with deep house , house, techno and tech house of ass shaking variety . From 5:00 then there something for the Techno Kids . Disscut will delight us with his knackien techno sound and its latest production imagine ... namely to Open End ! His new release needs to be so widely celebrated !!! The team of the P & S is looking forward to a new spectacle in the cellar with you ... The whole is rounded again by a relevant Bass Boost ! Come and let you massage from Bass :)


Tobias Wollborn

Vinyllover Recordings Founder
Date Title Location Type Info
Aug 27, 2016 Pfeffer und Salz @ JT Keller Göttingen, Performance  
Aug 28, 2016 Imaginary Journey RELEASE , In Store  
Oct 01, 2016 Electronic 3arthquake Labelnight Göttingen, Performance  
There are no upcoming events scheduled.