DJ Kidd Kreme /  Atlanta, GA

DJ Kidd Kreme

Atlanta, GA

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DJ Kidd Kreme /  Atlanta, GA

Born in Austell, Georgia, DJ Kidd Kreme is DJ and rapper based in Atlanta, GA. Throughout his youth, music was always a part of his life. He grew up singing and dancing in admiration for show-stopping artists such as Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Stevie Wonder. His interest in literature inspired him to write poetry, so much so that he entered a school-wide poetry completion as a third grader and won. “It was that moment that motivated me to want to continue writing poetry.” Throughout middle school, he used his poetry as an escape from his problems and a way of expressing himself. As he matured, he began to listen to musical artists who truly exude excellence in lyricism such as Eminem, and Lil Wayne. Such artists inspired him to turn his poetry into rap lyrics and before long, he was producing his own music. Kreme draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources, from EDM to R&B and everything in between. DJ Kidd Kreme’s sound can be attributed to his eclectic musical upbringing; though rooted in Hip-Hop and R&B, Kidd Kreme doesn’t hesitate to incorporate Pop and Reggae into his mixes and art. Conscious lyricists such as Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole exhibited a quality he felt was missing within secular music. Kreme was troubled by the monotony of mainstream hip-hop music and its glorification of sex, money and drugs. After being introduced to Christian Hip Hop by his mother, a fan of Gospel music, Kreme began to delve into a world full of lyrical meaning and spiritual guidance. It was after hearing the collaborative workings of Lecrae and Andy Mineo that he began to truly fall in love with the genre and the art form. Of the many artists Kreme came across the one that resonated most with him was Kaleb Mitchell, for the fact that he was able to write, produce, and engineer his own music. This inspired Kreme to follow in his footsteps and pursue a musical career.
DJ Kidd Kreme has already released a number of mixes as well as beats that he has produced. He is an active member of Panther Entertainment Group and is currently working on developing artists as well as releasing original content. DJ Kidd Kreme plans to strive for greatness in the years to come and maintains a driven mindset by remembering the wise words passed on to him: “Never rest until your good is your better, and your better is your best.”