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EA Wave

Nairobi East African Wave
A collective of 5 DJ Producers from Nairobi | Hybrid live electronic act.

Latest Win:

EA Wave Featured on Worldwide FM - WW Nairobi Live on Oct 16, 2017.   Source

A collective of 5 DJ Producers from Nairobi | Hybrid live electronic act.

Latest Win:

EA Wave Featured on Worldwide FM - WW Nairobi Live on Oct 16, 2017.   Source


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Jojo Abot - Mega Kpenu Nao (Ft EA WAVE)

Jojo Abot (prod) EA Wave Recorded in Kenya, Mega Kpenu Nao meaning Let it shame you not, is a song that marks the beginning of the AFRI-NA-LADI multimedia workshop happening in Kenya.

Wave After Wave - EA Wave + Friends

EA Wave and Friends EVENT ...meet the Nu Nairobi. A group of artists, producers changing the music scene through discovery experimentation of sound.

444 WAVE - Ukweli ft. Kiwango + Marushka

Collaboration by Cosmic Homies + EA Wave Song: Produced by Ukweli (EA Wave) ft. Kiwango + Marushka Video: Directed/Edited by Marushka Stop Motion Photography: BABBI Fractal Photography Collaboration: Sophia Marie & Marushka

EA WAVE + Friends - Live at The Alchemist

Find out what happens when you bring East Africa hottest collective DJ group and all of their cool friends together to make one magical music filled night ...


A recording session with Joseph Kiwango @ https://soundcloud.com/josephkiwango EA WAVE @ https://soundcloud.com/eawavesound Songs used: Bourgeois - Phoenix H...

EA Wave - Ukweli + Mvroe stop by for Behind the Music & Poppa Don -Midnight Hump Show

On this episode of the Midnight Hump Show, The EA Waves very own Ukweli and Mvroe stop by for Behind the Music, we talk to Poppa Don about his latest project... interview starts at 37:40

B+W Sessions: Mvroe + Kiwango | Love

Mvroe + Kiwango performs Loveon B+W Sessions, live music performances by your favourite acts x visuals by Bazil Ngode.

EA Wave Live Set | Concert for one

On Saturday we did a short live set for an audience of one (Peng of the The Alchemist Bar ) in ADA Creative Studios #nairobi. This is the embryo of our new s...

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EA Wave
EA Wave (East African Wave) is a collective of 5 DJ Producers from Nairobi. Cutting across genres with unique and individual styles, each of them making their own waves in the industry. They DJ and produce as a collective, as individuals and everything in between. Their combined energies and creativity are helping fuel a new creative sector wide movement in urban Nairobi, around what's becoming known as #NuNairobi.

As a collective they perform as a unique and vibrant Live Electronic act combining electronic midi instruments with keyboards, vocals and bass. This new format is influenced by the likes of Bonobo and Four Tet.

With an average age of 22yrs, their cross pollination of styles and collaborative cut across many genres, is making them a popular choice in the region with vocalists for production collaborations and among wider producer circles as remixers.

Their #WaveyWednesday initiative has seen the collective release one of more tracks every Wednesday for the last year.

Their musical tastes and influences are deep and wide, but neither with their music, nor their numerous other artistic pursuits, nor their individual styles, are there any compromises towards mainstream. This crew are self made and borrow their various artistic expressions from no-one, five different kinds of unique, unafraid of the edge, while at the same time managing to be thoroughly down-to-earth lovely.

Their first major breakthrough came when they were asked to produce the Indigo EP by US based Kenyan artist Karun, who in turn introduced them to Ghanaian songstress Jojo Abot. This led them to partner with Jojo on the Africa Na Ladi project, each of the collective adding something to the production of 'Mega Kpenu Nao'.

The collective are:
Referring to himself as a space monkey, he's a self professed sponge of musical influences. Earlier this year he was named by FADER Magazine as one of the top 25 Global acts to watch out for. His productions are Tribal Downtempo & Psychedelic African Dance Music.

Nu Fvnk
A rapper turned producer, who now includes vocals in his DJ sets and productions. Fond of collaborations, his productions have a quirky grittiness. Nu Fvnk’s collaboration ‘Wanted’, featuring Ukweli and Mclaire was featured on the Nest, Skrillex’s sister label under OWLSA.

His productions are based on a collage of varying elements: African percussion, R&B influences, hip-hop, indie rock, and more. In 2016 Ukweli produced a track for JABS (MSFTSREP) featuring Willow Smith.

With a musical journey which started as a trumpet player, he's often referred to as the most soulful member of the collective. His productions have layers of airy synthesizers and smooth trumpet lines.

Mvroe has an eclectic genre-less approach to creation. From song writing, to performing, rapping, DJ'ing and production his style is described well by OkayAfrica as "more unhinged than the rest of the EA Wave crew".


DJ/Producer + Vocalist
DJ/Producer + Vocalist

Wins   Key

EA Wave Featured on Worldwide FM - WW Nairobi Live
Oct 16, 2017 EA Wave Featured on Worldwide FM - WW Nairobi Live
A 2 hour 'as if live' show, in ADA Studio, for Worldwide FM, showcasing Nairobi talent. With Taio, EA Wave, Abaki Simba, DJ Coco_Em, Mvroe Source
Oct 03, 2017 TRUE Africa feature: EA Wave: Meet the DJ Producers revolutionising East African sound
EA Wave (East African Wave) is a Nairobi-based group of dynamic beat makers. Together they are galvanising Kenya’s contemporary music scene by leading a new musical movement – #NuNairobi sound. The five-strong collective, made up of artists, DJs and Producers, cross-pollinates genres in pursuit of true self-expression. Since their formation two years ago, the musical prodigies have been taking steps to bridge the gap between old and new; they champion fresh East African music without letting traditional instruments fall by the wayside. Read more on the link Source
Oct 03, 2017 VICE partner Feature: A Quick Introduction to the Kenyan Trap Scene
Ukweli Ukweli, born Brendern Denousse, is a hip-hop, trap and soul producer who runs the groundbreaking NuNairobi crew East African Wave (or EA Wave for short). With a sound that perfectly blends the smoothness of neo-soul and the buoyancy of modern hip-hop with inch-perfect pop sensibilities, he’s already worked with massive artists like Willow and Jayden Smith, as well as R’n’B duo Ibeyi. Still only 19 years of age, he looks to have a bright future ahead of him – as well as working on multiple projects with EA Wave, he’s aiming to release a solo EP in the near future. Mvroe Another EA Wave member, Mvroe started DJing under his real name James Mburu in 2012. From there, he quickly gained a reputation as a skilled studio producer, only recently stepping into the foreground to rap and sing on his own tracks. Mvroe has a sound that listeners will recognise as being closer to classic US-style trap, his TRUE EP hitting harder than many others in the Kenyan scene, especially those peddling the more laidback NuNairobi sound. Source
New single out on iTunes
Aug 18, 2017 New single out on iTunes
LOVE by Mvroe and Joseph Kiwango - first single off a collaborative album called 'Let Her Come Over'. Hiribae and Ukweli co-produced. itunes link: Source
Jul 28, 2017 FADER article mentioning Jinku
An interview with Fader about the work of Santuri in East Africa. Jinku was interviewed because of his early collaborations with Santuri. Source
Apr 03, 2017 EA Wave featured on Bandcamp Daily
Mar 01, 2017 FADER - Jinku named as one of 25 artists you need to know
25 Artists From Around The World You Need To Know Right Now Source


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Sep 03, 2017 Nyege Nyege Festival Jinja, Uganda Performance   Details
Oct 12, 2017 #Backyard Bass Nairobi, Performance   Details
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Dec 30, 2017 Kilifi New Year Festival Kilifi, Performance   Details
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