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rock, folk, r&b, originality

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RockExpert on Jun 12, 2017.   Source

rock, folk, r&b, originality

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RockExpert on Jun 12, 2017.   Source


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A tribute to the strong people who immigrate to the United States . No matter what country, color, religion, general or orientation, we should all be welcome...

March of the Romans - First Video from my new CD entitled "Wash Me"

First video for my newest CD, the CD comes out on April 7th, 2017 which is entitled Wash Me. It will be available 4/7/17 at https://jayregan.bandcamp.com/ an...

Right Between the Eyes original song inspired by the Walking Dead

zombiesHere is the Jay Regan original song inspired by the hit AMC show The Walking Dead. This track is number 7 of 15 on his 2017 independent release "Wash ...

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Jay Regan was born in Philadelphia but raised in the suburbs. Jay became hooked on rock music listening to his older sisters and cousins playing 45's from The Beatles, Rolling Stones and other 60's and 70's icons. However as Jay got older his music tastes ventured into many other forms of music from hard rock, R&B, folk, funk, jazz and many styles in between. Inspiration was be found in many forms and lends itself to the diversity of Jay's music, one that can be hard to classify. A veteran of Philadelphia original bands in the 90's. Jay now performs his original music, in a verity of forms from solo acoustic, acoustic and foot drums, and a full band.


Chris Senegeto
Eric Hillman
Keith Schnek
Guitar and Vocals

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Jun 12, 2017 RockExpert
“ Combining different styles of music into one album is never an easy thing to do, but it doesn't seem that troublesome for Philadelphia based acoustic rocker, Jay Regan. The musician recently unleashed his second album entitled “Wash Me”, which is an exciting mix of his basic rock root with many other genres, from Funk, Country, R&B and more.” Source
Apr 28, 2017 Music News
“Perhaps the highlights of the album are the tracks 'March of the Romans' and 'Right Between the Eyes' where he busts out the horn section to step up the energy. The former is a snappy funky number. Punchy trumpets scream out as Regan blasts tyranny. In the latter, Regan takes on a good time late '80s, tv show theme song vibe with warm Miami beach progressions and a rollicking organ solo spilling into a feel-good guitar solo. Ironically, the jubilant tune is an homage to the Walking Dead, spelling out his plans to survive amidst the zombie apocalypse. A bizarre juxtaposition to be sure.” Source
Apr 23, 2017 Huffington Post
“One of the better tunes on the album is “March of the Romans,” a classic rocker replete with brass and an organ, along with protest lyrics that vilify large corporations. The arrangement is excellent, with lots of layering: horns, drums, guitars, giving the song a big band feel. And I loved the high-pitched background vocals. Despite my complaint about the production values, Wash Me is a first-rate album. Jay Regan has mucho talent as a singer/songwriter. Wash Me is original and creative.” Source


Jay Regan
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