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Jazzy /  Atlanta, GA

Jazzy is an Atlanta based artist from Kennesaw, GA. She began to write music in middle school when she started a girl group with her friends. After working with a number of girl groups as the main writer, she was advised by her best friend to start writing raps as opposed to the songs she had written before. “After that I really started to enjoy rapping.” She began to develop her sound and style after leaving Pebblebrook High School her freshman year. She fuses the lyrical New York style of hip hop and the alternative R&B vibe to create the unique sound that is Jazzy. She believes that a driven mind is essential for progression and growth. “Success occurs when your dreams get bigger than your excuses”; a constant reminder that motivates her to push through the mold as an artist.
Her inspirations stem from an appreciation for the music she grew up listening to. The conscious poetic free spirit of Erykah Badu motivates her to continue to make relatable and meaningful music that black women can resonate with. Jazzy’s storytelling aspect of her music is inspired by the rap legend Biggie, who’s flow and lyricism she expresses as “nothing less than iconic.” Of her inspirations, she considers Nicki Minaj a true role model. “She was one of the first female rappers I was able to look up to as being successful. Artists such as Badu and Minaj motivate her to continue to pave the way for female lyricists and Black women as creatives.
Jazzy has released a mixtape titled “The Truth is…” and recently dropped a single featuring Atlanta based artist ARZLEE titled “Ton of Feathers”. She is currently recording songs in anticipation for her next project. She is an active member of Panther Entertainment Group and plans to make monumental shifts in the music scene.