Jennifer Denali /  New York, New York Pop

Jennifer Denali

New York, New York


Smoldering vocals and fearless Pop.

Latest Win

Hudson Room — 02/14/2018

Performed a stripped down acoustic set in Peekskill, NY's premier live music venue.

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Jennifer Denali – Girlfriend Song Live at Rockwood Sept 12, 2017...

Jennifer Denali – Girlfriend Song Live at Rockwood Sept 12, 2017 (C) 2017 Jennifer Denali

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Jennifer Denali /  New York, New York Pop

By Lorne Behrman

Light radiating from within will guide your path ahead. And that light is self-love. Without
it, all is shrouded in darkness. Pop singer-songwriter Jennifer Denali was born gifted
with powerfully soulful pipes, a strong work ethic, and an innate stylish flair. However,
doubt, depression, and lack of confidence obscured her way in music.

For self-preservation, she bravely bowed out of a promising career and slipped into a
day-job grind while she fortified her soul with a journey into self-love. One fateful day,
she got a call to do some background vocals. Those moments back in the studio
changed everything.

“When you’re on the wrong the path, the universe will tell you. I went through a lot of
pain and had to reset. I took a break to heal myself and start over,” Jennifer shares.

Now, with a telepathic creative ally in producer Anthony Galindo, Jennifer Denali steps
back into the spotlight with a chic collection of irresistible pop R&B. First up, in this
halcyon era is her upcoming LP, a collection of tracks that are as sensual as they are

Jennifer’s singular pop artistry traverses R&B, soul, and rock, and has been favorably
compared to Madonna, Amy Winehouse, and Mariah Carey. Her songs are both
intimate, and broadly resonate—she draws inspiration from her personal quest for selflove,
and couches these empowering lessons in invigorating R&B pop tracks. Themes
of love lost, wisdom gleaned, and her ongoing evolution as an artist and as a woman
abound. Ultimately, hers is a soundtrack for spiritual uplift rife with indelible pop hooks,
smoldering vocals, and undeniable grooves.

In addition, to her prodigious gifts as a vocalist, Jennifer’s swagger has attracted an elite
cadre of modeling clients. She’s been featured in campaigns for Sean Combs, 50 Cent,
and for brands like Deleon Tequila, Vaseline, Michelob Ultra, Bud Light, Pure Leaf Iced
Tea, and Effen Vodka, among others. Currently, Jennifer is signed with State
Management for Fit Modeling Division.

Jennifer is a native New Yorker, and, in true Big Apple spirit, has a lively mix of cultures
coursing through her. Her father is Irish and her mother is Puerto Rican, so she grew up
with salsa music being as much of a household soundtrack as pop and R&B. Her dad is
a lifelong stagehand and carpenter at the Metropolitan Opera, and his career has made
an indelible impact on Jennifer, who studied theatre design and worked on the
production team at the Met. “I grew up backstage, but I always wanted to be in front of
the curtain,” she says.

Jennifer was born in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, but ended up suddenly moving to South
Carolina with her father one day after daycare. It was her father’s chance to start over,
and that trip yielded a profoundly formative moment when, in a South Carolina Denny’s
parking lot, 4-year-old Jennifer heard “Lucky Star” and realized a career in pop music
was her destiny.

Just three years after moving south, she and her father moved back up north, relocating
to Westchester. During this fertile time, Jennifer dove into a rigorous practice routine,
nurturing her nascent musicality studying flute and singing in chorus. As fate would have
it, her high school chorus class teacher was a retired music biz powerhouse who
eventually signed her to a development deal. Mike Mason (Mariah Carey, Tevin
Campbell) helped Jennifer hone her songwriting chops and explore the life of a
professional musician. His impact on Jennifer remains to this day.

However, Jennifer’s promising start in music was cut short when she found herself in a
toxic cycle of self-medicating from depression. “Up until then, everything I had done led to nowhere. I had to pick myself up,” she confides.

As the universe would have it, in 2016, Jennifer got that fateful call to lay down backup vocals, and that is where she met producer and songwriter Anthony Galindo. The two recognized immediately they were meant to work together, bonding over a shared love of Madonna and their background in R&B, pop, and Latin music.

Jennifer’s upcoming LP has a narrative flow from black hole emptiness to breaking
through into the light. “The main theme throughout this LP is self-love. It’s about
becoming aware of yourself and really dedicating the time to understand who you are,” says Jennifer.

In keeping with this theme, the songs can be divided into putting yourself first and
finding self-love, and then, from there, having the courage to seek out romantic love.
The ethereally soulful “First Try” is an emotional LP centerpiece, bravely retelling
Jennifer’s own journey. “That song is about failing at dreams during your first attempt,
and then having to try over and over again while make changes internally. This is the
path that made me who I am today,” she shares. The acoustic soul of “Falling Leaves”
showcases the dynamic range of Jennifer’s vocals as she vacillates between smoky
tones, heavenly harmony vocals, and moments of gorgeous skyward emoting. The
tracks “He Isn’t You” and “Girlfriend” are imbued with self-love and the boldness to
connect intimately and romantically. “He Isn’t You” is a tender R&B ballad, slow burning with sweet soulful longing. Interestingly, the narrative arc of “He Isn’t You” is relief that a new love isn’t your ex—the song is really about making healthier relationship choices as the result of self-love.

The single “Girlfriend Song” is both sophisticated and full of swagger, and features a
jaw-dropping vocal delivery that recalls prime Mariah Carey. “That song, to me, is about having the courage to ask for romantic love,” Jennifer says.

It’s a been a profound restart for Jennifer, and she now can embrace her gifts through
having the confidence and self-love to step back into the pop arena. Up next, she will be recording more songs for a debut full-length LP, and performing live. Pausing for
reflection, Jennifer says: “The message of my story is love yourself completely—be
proud and unapologetic about loving yourself, commit to yourself, and trust in good
energy and positive vibes. It’s okay to be okay.”

(For a downloadable PDF version, click on the download link.)

Feb 14, 2018


Hudson Room

Performed a stripped down acoustic set in Peekskill, NY's premier live music venue.

Feb 13, 2018


Paramount Theatre

Recorded a Music Video at the legendary Paramount Theatre.

Nov 04, 2017


It's All Gold for Puerto Rico

An Intimate performance at grayscale studios in Jersey City, NJ to raise money for Puerto Rican Relief funds.

Oct 27, 2017


Pianos NYC

Performed at one of NYC's hottest venues.


Sep 29, 2017


Dogfish Head

Performed on the state-of-the-art stage at the famous Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in Rehoboth, Delaware for the Music-Preneur Music Summit.

Sep 12, 2017


Rockwood Music Hall

An intimate showcase where she performed an all new set of songs from her upcoming LP.

Jul 17, 2017


Benefit Concert for The Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy
Benefit Concert for The Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy

This was a special benefit hosted by The "Leave A Lasting Mark" Concert Series - Sponsored by Noble Steed Music & Funkadelic Studios at the iconic Bitter End in NYC.

Jun 19, 2017


Benefit Concert for the Children of Bellevue at The Bitter End
Benefit Concert for the Children of Bellevue at The Bitter End

Leave a Lasting Mark hosted an 80's hits benefit for the Children of Bellevue Hospital. Jennifer performed for the cause at the iconic Bitter End in NYC.

Jun 02, 2017


OTR Music Festival Winner
OTR Music Festival Winner

Jennifer was the first place winner of the Otter Performances at the festival.


May 21, 2017


Montauk Music Festival
Montauk Music Festival

Performed an intimate exclusive acoustic set at the 668 Gig Shack.


May 22, 2015


Deleón Tequila Endorsement
Deleón Tequila Endorsement

Diddy featured me in his ad campaign for Deleón Tequila.


Jul 22, 2014


Highline Ballroom

Performed as the lead singer for the New Deco Orchestra and sold out the show in one of the highlights of her career.

Jun 01, 2009


Apollo Theater

Performance at the legendary Apollo theater.

Date Title Location Type Info
Sep 12, 2017 Jennifer Denali at Rockwood Music Hall New York, NY Performance  
Oct 27, 2017 Pianos New York, NY Performance  
Apr 23, 2018 Mercury Lounge New York, NY Performance  
May 01, 2018 Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1 New York, NY Performance