Junglewood is a new artistic community and eventual performance center on the 11,000 acre Mamoní Valley Rainforest Preserve in Panama.

Junglewood is a new artistic community and eventual performance center on the 11,000 acre Mamoní Valley Rainforest Preserve in Panama.


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Earth Train/Junglewood

Overview video of Panamanian non-profit Earth Train of which Junglewood is a partner. Junglewood will be built on The Mamoni Valley Preserve which is featured in this video.

Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots Earth Train/Junglewood Panama

Jane Goodall is now a partner with Earth Train/Junglewood. Her new focus of Biocultural Leadership training for young environmentalists, is a key initiative that will help the stewardship of a healthy planet for years to come. This video is shot at The Mamoni Valley Preserve, home of Junglewood!

Crossroads School Friends of Junglewood

This is a slideshow of a 2011 visit to Panama by the Jazz A band from Santa Monica's Crossroads School. The school is now creating a partnership to further explore research and stewardship of and in The Mamoni Valley Preserve. After playing various gigs for the Jazz Festival and working with local young musicians, the students came to the Mamoni Valley Preserve, Earth Train's tropical campus and the site of Junglewood, for 3 days of jungle exploration and music improvisation on Nature's raw instruments. Rob Griffin recorded them and we patched the sounds to the pictures. Attending: - Crossroads: Natanyel Levin, Adam Goldman, Henry Wass, Nick Jared, Cameron Lazar, Julian Black, Phillip Golub, Cam Johnson (Students). Shea Welsh, Evan Avery (Teachers). - Earth Train: Chris del Vecchio, Nathan Gray, Lider Sucre, Raul Mezua, Carlos-Andres Gonzales, Leandro Toribio, Zita Dias, Adriano Gray, Ben Crosky, Pierre Lemarchand, Moises Ureña. - Guests: Mara Yanoshik, Justin Mitchell, Osvaldo Jorge, Graciela Nuñez, Rob Griffin.


Jazz vocalist Michelle Coltrane & guitarist Shea Welsh talk about their performances, clinics and other adventures at The 10th Annual Panama Jazz Festival. January 14-19, 2013. Music and Junglewood go hand and hand.

  • Shea & Jane Goodall
  • Shea Welsh & Nathan Gray Executive Directors of Junglewood & Earthtrain
  • Hiking In Central Mamoni
  • Nathan Gray & Shea Welsh USC
  • Danilo Perez & Shea Welsh
  • Junglewood Toucan
  • Michelle Coltrane & Shea Welsh Panama Jazz Festival 2014
  • Junglewood Sloth
  • Shea With Kuna Girls
  • Junglewood Jaguar
  • Panama Canal Entrance
  • Jane Goodall & Shea Welsh
  • Soccer Mamoni Valley Preserve Panama


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In the Summer of 2008, through mutual friends, I found myself at a fundraiser in Brentwood, CA for a non profit that was somehow going to use the arts to save 11,000 acres of ecologically rich and therefore quite important rainforest in The Central Mamoni Valley of Panama. At the fundraiser were Jazz luminaries Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter along with Danilo and Patricia Perez who were skyping from Panama. All are huge supporters of the cause. Needless to say, I found the evening to be quite exhilarating. The night was capped off by a talk from the Executive Director of Earthtrain Nathan Gray. He was extremely enthusiastic and painted a picture of a beautiful land that was in need of help from concerned environmental activists. I knew right then and there that I needed to get involved with this project. A month later I flew down to Panama to meet the Earthtrain team and to see the Mamoni Valley Preserve. I fell in love with the people, the land and the cause. Over many trips back and performances at The Panama Jazz Festival, masterclasses at The Fundacion Danilo Perez, presentations with Dr. Jane Goodall and hiking and working in the rainforest, I was asked by Danilo Perez, one of the founders and The Artistic Director of Junglewood and Nathan Gray to become the Executive Director of Junglewood. I graciously accepted and I am now helping to push the mission of Junglewood forward. I see Junglewood as a concept as well as an actual location.
The spirit, mission, and function of Junglewood is already fully operational. The actual brick and mortar structure comes next.
It was established with the mission of providing settings and programs rich in biological and cultural diversity and conducive to artistic expression in creative harmony with nature. It is a creative community that combines the performing and visual arts with conservation research and community outreach, set in the rainforest of Panama in the Mamoní Valley Preserve. Think Tanglewood in the jungle of Panama.


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