JUST 2 STRANGERS /  Vienna, Austria Ragga meets Jazz & Latin, Africa meets Europe - new band - new album -


Ragga meets Jazz & Latin, Africa meets Europe - new band - new album -
Vienna, Austria


Cloud Tissa - great and well known Ragamuffin & Rap Artist from Kenia, featured by dutch Producer, Guitarist and Bandleader Rens Newland

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New album trailer RAGGAJAZZ by Just 2 Strangers (Rens Newland Band feat. Cloud Tissa)...

New album trailer RAGGAJAZZ by Just 2 Strangers (Rens Newland Band feat. Cloud Tissa)

The wonderful meeting of the African RAGGA of CLOUD TISSA with the musical JAZZ world of RENS NEWLAND and his Band - Afro Beat, Funk, Groove, Fusion, Latin B...

"Boomshaka" by Just2Strangers (Rens Newland Band feat. Cloud Tissa)...

"Boomshaka" by Just2Strangers (Rens Newland Band feat. Cloud Tissa)

A jazzy, bouncing track from the upcoming album RAGGAJAZZ, feat. Cloud Tissa, music by Rens Newland, lyrics by Cloud Tissa, participating musicians: Rens New...


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JUST 2 STRANGERS /  Vienna, Austria Ragga meets Jazz & Latin, Africa meets Europe - new band - new album -

JUST 2 STRANGERS (Rens Newland Band feat. Cloud Tissa)
Across the furthest corners of the world comes an album that was destined to happen. Two Strangers, is an inevitable encounter between two unlikely collaborators. With the artists each on a winding journey of love, wisdom, and discovery, the album is infused with influences from their respective voyage across the world. Across the album’s landscape comes an assortment of musical compositions and influences: from urban Afrobeat to Jazz, Soul, and RnB, with mellow Ragamuffin, Rap and Reggae infusions. The journey of the music, and the artists, is one of wonder. From the cool North Sea waters in Amsterdam, the proud glacier covered mountains and deep green meadows of Austria, the glamour of the Mediterranean, to the awe inspiring Sahara sands, the Kalahari desert and the tempest of the bluest Caribbean seas, the two strangers mount and descent peaks and valleys in melodies and tunes as diverse as the roads that led to their junction.
The album itself is a melting pot of flavors from across the globe. It flows with the sweetest slow cooked romantic lyrics. Combined with the flavorful fast paced and upbeat tones, the album is oozing with excitement of nightlife and pure unadulterated fun. The range of beats and instrumentation encompass two of the album’s strengths and core ingredients. From the most restful adagio, the tunes of the album ascend a slow warm tempo, and ultimately simmer and boil with sharpest and distinct colors.
Who are the two strangers, the quintessential worldly travelers and musical powerhouses?
The vocalist Cloud Tissa is an international European based musician. At the height of his career the Mellow Dee voice musician appeared in different major shows across Europe, America, Asia and Africa and shared stages with internationally renowned artistes like The Wailers, Sly & Robbie, Third World, Alpha Blondy, Lucky Dube and many more. Tissa, originally from Rwanda is a Kenyan raised Reggae Dancehall artist and now resides in Europe, Austria where he released his last album titled “Physically Fit” an interestingly articulated mixture of different ingredients like Reggae, Dancehall, Afro-fusion, R&B and hip-hop. Two Strangers is a continuation of the journey till now, showing growth and maturation, and diving deeper into the darker parts of life, and rising with this positive musical display.
Rens Newland is the producer and arranger of this dynamic album’s instrumentations. From Holland, Newland made his mark on the music scene through decades long work and dedication. Starting with his early years as a Pop musician, Newland quickly transitioned into Blues and Jazz. This evolution led him to be a part of the Jazz-Rock revolution, and the USA Billboards Charts’ success of his first album with the band Scope. Based in Vienna (Austria), among his notable accomplishments over his more than 4-decade musical career, is his work as musical Director and Guitarist for Gloria Gaynor and for The Supremes. Newland is a quadruple musical threat. He is a guitarist, producer, composer, and orchestrator. In addition, he serves as a label director for Jive Music austria.
The album’s strength is in its variety, which continues its display among the featured artists. Among them are Maggie Faltin, Christine Brezovsky, and Denise De Macedo, a well known Jazz, RnB, and Soul singer from Brazil.
It’s clear the artists’ journeys have wound across the earth in different spaces at different times. They pull harmonies from history and across geography, and combine them with the most current sounds to create this pleasing, flavorful, and diverse musical parley.


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