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La Salle Blanche

Hamburg Erotic Electro Pop
Lustobjekt La Salle Blanche

Lustobjekt La Salle Blanche


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Lustobjekt "La Salle Blanche" (Version De Radio Retouché) http://www...

Lustobjekt La Salle Blanche (Version De Radio Retouché)

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Back in 1994, Carlos Perón created the 40-minute soundtrack “La Salle Blanche“ to “The White
Room“, a fetish film that achieved wide acclaim in the gothic, fetish and dark wave scene.

The music, which seemed to have immense magic power, was even played at high-end erotic
establishments and fetish/BDSM studios. The piece quickly turned from being an insiders’ tip to a
classic. Rumor has it that some ardent fans even conceived their children to “La Salle Blanche”.

Now, 20 years later, the German art project “Lustobjekt” have picked up Perón’s original composition.
For more than two years they worked on a completely new version of the classic:
“We had to be very careful transferring the spirit and the magic of the original so it was quite a
challenge. Just one mistake and all our efforts would have been a complete waste of time.
Nobody could tell us if this experiment would actually work out.”

“Lustobjekt” are no strangers to the scene. The art project was founded in Hamburg in 2006 by
Cornelius Ohm. Since then they have published original compositions and remixes at irregular
intervals. “Lustobjekt” sound like a highly seductive variant of electro pop, based on classical
songwriting and somewhat influenced by Kraftwerk, Yello and Donna Summer.

At the mysterious “Hell” studios “Lustobjekt” experiment with special custom-made instruments
on new exciting sounds and songs or completely crazy ideas.

Carlos Perón: “Nobody knew what they were up to at that studio. But when I heard their first
sounds I was so excited that I let them have my original files.”
Mystical Gregorian chants take their listeners on a journey entering a realm of unfathomable
basses, soft synthesizer melodies and lascivious French lyrics sung by a mysterious beauty – pure,
light, almost clinical sounding.

Pain, punishment and domination – striking words whispered and accentuated by taylor-made
percussion instruments. With whips and timpani they guide their listeners through the music
while offering comforting safety.

So are you weak or can you resist the magic?

Lustobjekt Releases
- 2013 Lustobjekt Remix “La Salle Blanche”
Label: Dark Daze, Distribution: Finetunes

- 2013 Lustobjekt Remix Spreading Point “re-start” (Remix Album)
Label: Scent Air Records, Distribution: Scent Air Records

- 2012 Video production “Die Lustmaschine”

- 2012 Lustobjekt “Die Lustmaschine “ Dark Flowers Compilation
Label: Dark Flower, Distribution: Dark Flower Alternative Club

- 2011 Lustobjekt Remix Spreading Point "Space Age Romance"
Label: Spreading Point, Distribution: Spreading Point

- 2011 Lustobjekt Remix Vision Talk “Unlike”
Label: conzoom Records, Distribution: conzoom Records

- 2010 Lustobjekt "Erotic Beast" Promo CD
Label: Lustobjekt, Distribution: Lustobjekt

- 2010 Song "Kiss the frog" Various Artists - Dark Alliance Vol. 8
Label: Danse Macabre, Distribution: Negatief

- 2010 Song "Sweet Talk (Ohm Mix)" Various Artists - Compilation Issue 26
Label: Devolution Magazine UK, Distribution: Devolution Magazine UK,

- 2010 Song "Sweet Talk (Extended Mix)" Various Artists - electropop.5
Label: conzoom Records, Distribution: conzoom Records

- 2010 Song “Sweet Talk (Special Mix)” Sonic Seducer Compilation
Label: Sonic Seducer, Distribution: Sonic Seducer

- 2008 Video production “ Little Romance”

- 2007 Lustobjekt Mix Urania feat. Catchy Tongue “Lifeline”
Label: Harder2Play, Distribution: Finetunes



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