Laura Olson /  California Composer of Celtic Fantasy New Age and Cinematic orchestral music.

Laura Olson

California Composer of Celtic Fantasy New Age and Cinematic orchestral music.
Music for Stories

Latest Win:

Silver Ace Award-TV Pilot on Jul 17, 2011.  

Music for Stories

Latest Win:

Silver Ace Award-TV Pilot on Jul 17, 2011.  


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About Me- Laura Olson (ASCAP)
My musical background comes from typical classical training as a child. My discovery of electronic synthesizers in my early teens was less typical but not surprising considering that in the 70s my family was heavily into building computers. I’ve since come to love these electronic sounds and the way they can be used in a composer’s palette.
My college years introduced me to an even broader range of instruments and colors from historical and ethnic music studies, specifically Irish harp and fiddle. I have 30 years of performance experience with groups like the Stockton and Fresno Philharmonic orchestras, Orpheus Chamber ensemble, solos in 1200 seat venues, and small groups in intimate pubs. I finished my M.A. in Irish Traditional Music Performance with a sold-out concert of over 2 hours of Irish music on a fully costumed and dramatically lit stage. It was recorded live and has been broadcast on local PBS stations around St. Patrick’s Day for years since.
Along came some friends from Wolf's Head Productions, an independent film production company, who asked me to compose musical themes for a short feature film in pre-production. I was hooked. When I couldn't find enough work to fill the void I turned to other sources of inspiration such as literature or scripts that aren’t even in pre-production. My priority in composing music is to support a story with soundscapes that can be easily imagined and visualized.
About My Music
My music style is part classical and part synthesized, blending instruments in untraditional combinations. Instrumentation is always a focal point for me and I spend serious time choosing my "color palette" for each song. I prefer to use large orchestra, choirs, and sometimes include synthesized ambient sounds, such as ethereal electronics paired with the raw pure sounds of a wordless choir. Sensual dudek and glittering wire-strung harp with Romanian vocals and warm rich strings, are examples enchanting instruments used to evoke far-away places and times. What I can’t play and record by myself or other professionals is produced with the highest quality MIDI sampling.
I prefer to write music that has fully developed melodies and counter-melodies that weave in and out with darkly exotic, and rich harmonies. But my imagination is not always dark so I include plenty of lighter moments with peacefully soothing or happy rhythms. Driving tribal drums or dainty bell-like pulses all provide rhythmic foundation while changes in moods, keys, and intensity allow events to unfold and spark the imagination of the listener. I want you to hear places or events that you can imagine just like reading any good story. Real or invented.
Someday in the near future I'll get to work setting music to a friend's script that is a space opera. It has some great space battles, heroics, comedy, and romantic moments. Also, there’s a lot of really cool space ships. I love space ships.
* B.A. Music Education
* California State Certified Educator- Single Subject Music K-8
* U.S. National Board Tested and Certified Educator- Multiple Subject K-8
* Section Cello- Stockton Symphony, Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra, Tulare County
Symphony, Kings Country Symphony, Orpheus Chamber Ensemble, and other
small ensemble parts as needed.
* M.A. Irish Traditional Music Performance
* Irish Traditional Music Concert “Kid on the Mountain” televised and aired on local PBS station. (Sold out) 2001
* Silver Ace Award for TV Pilot-Border Guardians of Ackernon

Single- Title Song : Over the Fence In the Land of Oz 2009
Debut Album: Mossflower Country 2010
Border Guardians of Ackernon: OST Season One 2011
Gypsy Road 2012
Moon Trees and Sun Seas 2015
A Grimm-ly Lit Forest 2018


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Jul 17, 2011 Silver Ace Award-TV Pilot
The 2011 Las Vegas Film Festival will take place at the beautiful Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and Casino July 14th - 17th, 2011. The Las Vegas Film Festival is Las Vegas’ premiere film event taking place annually in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world. Dedicated to showcasing the finest American and international cinema the world has to offer, our mission is to bridge the gap between independent film audiences and filmmakers, as well as to connect emerging filmmakers with established industry professionals. From the Las Vegas International Film Festival for our TV pilot Border Guardians of Ackernon. (Includes the score!) The festival offers a variety of film screenings from Oscar-winning films to world premieres, exclusive celebrity tributes and interviews, interactive panel discussions, a screenplay competition, red carpet parties, a filmmaker reception, as well as a closing night ceremony and awards.


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Laura Olson