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Mia /  Atlanta, GA

Born in Cedartown, Georgia, Mia Harris, is an up and coming Atlanta artist. Music and its delicate craft is not a new concept for Mia. Mia grew up in a household that was engulfed with sounds from some of the greats like Whitney Houston and Jazmine Sullivan. Growing up, she would hear her father trek across their home singing some sort of tune. She firmly believes that this is where she got her voice from.

Mia first caught the music bug when she was given a set of beats made by her brother, and she later went on to write lyrics to complete the song. Mia hit the ground running soon after this to perfect her craft and there is no doubt that this has paid off. Mia has one full length EP and two singles that have already been released. These projects only fueled more fire to her burning passion and she is currently working on a new that could not come at a better time. Mia is an artist who continues to take the old-school soul sound to a current level and this new EP will be no different. Mia intends on collabing with other local Atlanta artist to really perfect the sound she wants to bring across to her fans, while still keeping her iconic rap like lyrical arrangement.

Mia is currently an undergraduate student at Georgia State University while still grinding to get her music out for those to listen. Although some people may see being a full time student as a full-time job in itself, Mia see it much differently. Mia is often times heard saying “When you think about quitting, think about why you started.”. This is a quote in which she lives by, and truly contributes to her relentless work ethic.