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Ninjaspy Album Release Show — 06/24/2017

Direct support for Vancouver-based Ninjaspy at their hometown release party at The Rickshaw Theatre. Album release concert for their new LP "Spüken" and 2nd pressing launch for the "Hyperthrash" CD


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Nylithia - Blüdwolves ( Bloodwolves Bludwolves...

Nylithia - Blüdwolves ( Bloodwolves Bludwolves

Directed by Joshua Keith Young

Taken from the full length album "Hyperthrash"


NYLITHIA - Whips & Chainz...

NYLITHIA - Whips & Chainz

Video Stream of track 3 from Hyperthrash



New Album Title Track Video

NYLITHIA - Immersed In The Maniacal - Vancouver Riots...

NYLITHIA - Immersed In The Maniacal - Vancouver Riots

Video for song "Immersed in The Maniacal" off of the "Hyperthrash" Album



Video for song featured on "Hyperthrash"

NYLITHIA - 61-50-7 (World Premiere Single)...

NYLITHIA - 61-50-7 (World Premiere Single)

New Single from Hyperthrash

Super Mario Bros Castle Theme Metal Remix Cover - Nylithia Guitar, Drums, Bass Bowser...

Super Mario Bros Castle Theme Metal Remix Cover - Nylithia Guitar, Drums, Bass Bowser

Video for Cover of Super Mario Bros Castle Theme



video for song off "Infector EP"

Hyperthrash Album Cover | Nylithia
Hyperthrash Album Cover
Laser Kit | Nylithia
Laser Kit
Kyle Bang | Nylithia
Kyle Bang
Dan bang | Nylithia
Dan bang
Thom & Kyle album release | Nylithia
Thom & Kyle album release
Royce bang | Nylithia
Royce bang
Thom bang | Nylithia
Thom bang
Full band | Nylithia
Full band
Rickshaw Thrashin | Nylithia
Rickshaw Thrashin
HT Logo | Nylithia
HT Logo


Infector EP | Nylithia
Infector EP


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Nylithia /  Vancouver  Hyperthrash

Formed in 2008 with members Royce Costa (guitar), Kyle Scott (vocals), Tyler Erhardt (Drums) & Nathan Rothstein (bass) in Langley, BC, Canada.

The same year, the "Infector EP" was recorded, mixed, and produced by the band and self released. Utilizing videos on YouTube for "Replicants", "Accelerated Decrepitation" and a metal cover of the popular Mario Brothers Castle Theme, Nylithia attracted international attention and press for its unique style of aggressive riffs, uptempo drumming and raw melody carved into the song structures.

The subsequent years were spent touring, writing, and introducing member changes on drums (Dan Yakimow) and bass (Thom Sharpe), This led onwards to the composition of their penultimate release "Hyperthrash". An album carefully crafted in the niche genre the band had carved for itself with stand alone songs represented by both sound/structure and unique hand drawn artwork for each individual track. The effort was done in collaboration with the bands Infector EP album cover artist Humanburger Jones.

"Hyperthrash" was released to limited digital sources November 21st, 2015. To date, 2 physical pressings have occurred with 100 CD's made. All sold out. Currently the 2nd pressing is available but limited quantity as well.

Kyle Scott


Royce Costa


Dan Yakimow


Thom Sharpe

Jun 24, 2017


Ninjaspy Album Release Show
Ninjaspy Album Release Show

Direct support for Vancouver-based Ninjaspy at their hometown release party at The Rickshaw Theatre. Album release concert for their new LP "Spüken" and 2nd pressing launch for the "Hyperthrash" CD


Oct 22, 2016


The FaceMeltour w/ Expain
The FaceMeltour w/ Expain

Western Canadian tour with Expain from Vancouver BC.

May 05, 2016


Dying Fetus-Led Metal Alliance Tour
Dying Fetus-Led Metal Alliance Tour

"Even though last year’s trek ended like a pile-up on the highway, the organizers of the Metal Alliance tour seemed to persevere: two weeks ago, they teased a new incarnation of the tour, this one with Dying Fetus and The Acacia Strain, Jungle Rot, Black Crown Initiate, and others rounding out the line-up. Well, it turns out that wasn’t all a bunch of conjecture. The Metal Alliance Tour will hit the road in April of 2016, and will feature all of those bands, as well as support from Reaping Asmodea and Nylithia. Check out dates below." - Emperor Rhombus MetalSucks.net


Nov 25, 2015


Nylithia Premieres
Nylithia Premieres "This Far, No Further"

"Are you hip to the sugar-rush, neon-drenched sounds of Nylithia?...At the risk of sounding like every other hack metal writer in the world, HYPERTHRASH delivers exactly what it says on the label. Expect twelve tracks of breakneck speed, dizzying riffage, and more twists than Chubby Chicken in a blender...remember to stretch and drink plenty of water" - ToiletOvHell.com


Nov 13, 2015

press quote

Premiere of 61-50-7
Premiere of 61-50-7

"Nylithia is a name your metalheads should mark down. This is some of the freshest and most exciting Thrash Metal we’ve had the pleasure of listening to in awhile. It’s fast and fiercely technical – so much that you may consider it to be “Hyperthrash”. And that’s precisely the name of the impending Nylithia album! With good reason – this Vancouver metal unit is doing everything they can to raise the bar with creativity and sheer ability. What a time to be alive!" - TheCirclePit.com


Nov 10, 2015


Bludwolves Premiere on NCS
Bludwolves Premiere on NCS

"Nylithia have always had a bit of an extra-dimensional or futuristic atmosphere to their music, due in part to the fact that they’re fast as lightening, and “Blüdwolves” is definitely a rocket ride, fueled by high-octane double-bass blasts and super-heated riffs. Apart from the music’s infectious energy, the song has a dark but catchy melody that pulses through the adrenaline rush, and the snarling vocals sound exactly like what the song’s title suggests. Awesome track." - Islander


Oct 07, 2015


Whips & Chsinz
Whips & Chsinz

"Press play on “Whips & Chains” and you’ll quickly realize why “hyperthrash” is such a fitting term for their music. It’s thrashy, and yes, it’s speedy, but “hyper” describes the attitude the music conveys more than anything; it’s upbeat and catchy and makes you feel great inside and just makes you wanna do lots of fun stuff. It amps you up! And, most importantly, it rips: these dudes are absolute riff masters, and they’ve got a unique way of stringing together notes that make them sound completely unique" - Vince Neilstein


Kyle Scott


Ian Friedman

Date Title Location Type Info
Feb 20, 2016 Logan's Pub Victoria, BC Performance  
Mar 16, 2016 Biltmore Cabaret Vancouver, BC Performance  
Mar 18, 2016 The Phoenix Ballroom Vancouver, BC Performance  
Jul 29, 2017 Last Media Club Show EVER Vancouver, BC Performance  
Aug 05, 2017 Loud As Hell Festival Drumheller, AB Performance  
There are no upcoming events scheduled.