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Sammy $urf is an exciting, high-energy rapper, based in Atlanta. The Atlanta-bred artist developed his interest in music in the fifth grade when he joined his school band. He continued his career in school bands until his third year of high school when he began performing and recording his music. After performing at and winning his first talent competition, Sammy $urf realized that creating music and performing was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. The amount of potential his peers saw in Sammy encouraged him to chase his dream and become a force in the music industry.
Sammy $urf brings very upbeat, high-energy rap and hip hop. He takes pride in keeping his energy high while allowing listeners to enjoy the clever wordplay in his writing.Two of Sammy’s biggest influences are Chance the Rapper and Travis Scott. Chance’ ability to tell stories and use out-of-the-box lyricism keeps Sammy lyrically challenged when creating his music. Travis Scott’s ability to capture his audiences and keep them engaged and excited also inspires Sammy in performances. Sammy is also a fan of the unique blend of sounds that come from artist collaborations, like Drake and Future or Travis Scott and Quavo.
Last year was Sammy’s time to introduce himself to the music industry. He began his career performing in multiple shows around Atlanta, joining other rising artists in A3C shows. Sammy has released a few songs, “Harry Potter” and “10” being a couple, along with collaborations with other Atlanta rappers. He is in the process of recording and releasing an EP, an album, and a few music videos. Sammy is set to perform in several shows this year, including A3C and South by Southwest. He is an active member of Panther Entertainment Group, a music organization on his campus. Sammy has three music videos ready to be released for the top of 2018. I also have an EP and Album dropping this year. Sammy $urf “quote.”