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Brooklyn Boyz by Shot Dinero

Title: BROOKLYN BOYZ Artist: Shot Dinero (@shotdinero1) Label: Browns Town Music LLC (@brownstownmusic) DP: Shawn Burgundy (@sayitaintsodvd) brownstownmusic....

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Twerk (Radio Mix) mp3 4.06Mb
Twerk (Explicit Mix) mp3 6.01Mb
Keep A Couple Goons mp3 4.88Mb
Load Them Up mp3 3.68Mb
Letter to a Younger Me mp3 3.73Mb



Shot Dinero (“Dinero”), aka El Presidente, although born in North Philadelphia, resides in Brooklyn, New York. During his years growing up in Philadelphia, Dinero discovered his love for rhythm and beats before moving with his family to Brooklyn. In Philadelphia, Dinero was exposed, introduced to and surrounded by violence and the hustle of the drug trade. As Dinero moved towards junior high school, he found the great outlet for his problems and the drama he was going through at home and in his everyday life. He started writing rhythmic poetry, which fused his love for music and poetry. As Dinero began to mature, he began to seriously hone his craft and spend a significant amount of time on his new found passion of music and poetry, and his skills and talent grew and expanded, beginning his exploration of music of other cultures. With Dinero being of Dominican Republic ancestry, it made it even easier for him to seamlessly transition to and across Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, and Reggeaton. Dinero, this young artist, has an uncanny lyrical talent that is effortless and appeals to audiences worldwide. His versatility commands the attention of everyone within earshot of his music. Dinero’s music gives you a flavor for his upbringing from being deeply involved in the hustle of the streets. Through Dinero’s music, you really begin to understand what it means to have to hustle hard to survive in life. Dinero’s drive and ambition are the catalysts for inspiring him to write and record his music where he found his lane known as "Feel Good Music," which is heavily influenced by Biggie Smalls, Jay- Z, Mobb Deep, Nas, Jadakiss, Tego Calderon and many more hot artists that represent Hip Hop then and what Hip Hop is supposed to be now. Dinero has been signed to Browns Town Music LLC since 2011.


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Browns Town Music LLC