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Swedish Finnish /  Seattle All Pop All The Time

When you think Seattle of course you think Grunge or “Thrift Shop.” Time to change that! Time to get all pop-music catchy as hell. The key to the Swedish Finnish pop magic are hooks that earworm their way into your brain, making them instantly memorable. The glorious three-part harmonies soar through songs, guitars intertwine and the beat is steady. Delicious slices of sonic heaven.

Swedish Finnish proudly shouts their influences loud and clear - the chunky “Mine Is Better” channels T. Rex; “Don’t Do Anything (I Wouldn’t Do)” is like a long-lost Ronettes song (with the boys doing the singing). “Hungover” and “Marla’s House” recall their biggest heroes, The Beatles, while “I’m Leaving” takes the classic chord progression of Them’s “Gloria,” and puts it into a brand new context.

The Swedish Finnish Story starts with Tina and Rod. Rod has spent his entire life performing with many bands - The Fuzz, Swallow, Green Handshake, Runaway Trains, Spike, Deranged Diction, and more. During the couple’s 20+ years together, Tina attended nearly every show that Rod played, and in 2015, she decided she wanted to play drums. They began rehearsing in their basement, sorting through bits & pieces from Rod’s vast Archive of Unfinished Songs. Slowly things began to take shape.

One Tuesday, Andy Hoggarth, guitarist with Rod in The Fuzz, mentioned that he wanted to play bass. He also lived two blocks away, so that made things super easy. Then, last year, guitarist/singer Scott Sutherland (Llama, Model Rockets, Chemistry Set) moved in next door. Naturally, they asked him over to jam and presto, Swedish Finnish was born.

Their first eleven bites of pop confection have now been perfected for your delighted consumption. Let’s Go Rock!


Rod Moody

Guitar, Vocals

Tina Anderson

Drums, Vocals

Scott Sutherland

Guitar, Vocals

Andy Hoggarth

Bass, Vocals