The Fronts /  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Rock, Alternative, Brit Rock

The Fronts

Rock, Alternative, Brit Rock
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


“we don't take ourselves very seriously, but the music is another story.."

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Cd Release — 09/13/2014

Self Titled debut release.


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The Fronts - Awake (Official Music Video)...

The Fronts - Awake (Official Music Video)

"Awake" music video from our self titled debut Album. Download the single & full album on itunes:

Dominic guitar | The Fronts
Dominic guitar
Troy Drums | The Fronts
Troy Drums
Dominic guitar2 | The Fronts
Dominic guitar2
Troy Drums 2 | The Fronts
Troy Drums 2
Dave Guitar | The Fronts
Dave Guitar
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The Fronts /  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Rock, Alternative, Brit Rock

The Fronts. 3 men going on boys who are relatively new to the original scene in Edmonton but hardly new to music. With over 6 decades of combined musical experience, the Fronts journey into independant music is the sum total of 3 lifetimes worth of musical ideas, concepts, and collaboration that need to get out before it's too late.
Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, the band consists of David Forster on Vocals and bass, Dominic Lacroix on Vocals & guitars, and Troy Hrushka on drums.

Atmospheric, melodic, and driven by two powerhouse vocalists, this 3 piece delivers a near impossible depth of sonic delivery and song writing.

Indeed, this is not the work of any 'new' band you've ever hear.

The Single:
"Awake" - Backed by a professionally shot video through Indie production suite "Random Path", the first Fronts single has already seen over 1200 views on popular video sharing website "YouTube" just 14 days into it' launch while sales through digital retailers iTunes & CDBaby continue to climb.
“...You just blew us away from start till the end. Truly fantastic! Thank you"

The Live Show:
In just 6 short months, The Front's boast an impressive live show track record that has included opening slots for National touring artists "The Kin" as well as local radio station Sonic 102.9's "Band of the Month" bill with fellow Indie rockers "Death By Robot" and everything in between.
To put it briefly, the Fronts are making up ground quickly.
Professionally delivered with charisma, a light hearted, tongue in cheek attitude, and complimented by a state of the art light show, the Front's live performances have garnered critical acclaim for good reason.


Vocals / Bass

Vocals / Guitar

Sep 13, 2014


Cd Release
Cd Release

Self Titled debut release.


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