The God Mumm RA /  Allentown,Pa Performer/Song Writer/Actor

The God Mumm RA

Performer/Song Writer/Actor

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The Abomination Featuring Lo Key...

The Abomination Featuring Lo Key

Abomination Music Video



The God and The King Of Horrorcore

Declaration Of War - Mumm Ra Feat. Defiac, Session9, Big City...

Declaration Of War - Mumm Ra Feat. Defiac, Session9, Big City

Off The New Album THE GOD COMPLEX!!!

Mumm Ra Life Goes On ft Session9 Delirious & Forsaken...

Mumm Ra Life Goes On ft Session9 Delirious & Forsaken




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The God Mumm RA /  Allentown,Pa Performer/Song Writer/Actor

If you don't know me get familiar I am the creator of Dead Eye Conflict, 3rd Earth, The 13 Immortals & The Soldiers Of Ra. I am an Allentown Original 5 Star General, An Original Infect General, I am part of & the Hip Hop Spokesperson for Lemonade Acre, I am affiliated with Judah Priest's Hip Hop Collective The 144,000 Chosen Few & I am an Original of The Nephilim Pantheon I traveled the United States, I dropped 2 albums with INFECT:MUSIC in 2009 & 2011 "Remember The Name & The Abomination" I left the label in 2013 and then I dropped another 2 albums back to back in 2014 "Clash Of The Titans & The God Complex" My new album "Wrath Of The Titans" is out now and I'm also working on a new ShortFilm/Music Video with Lemonade Acre called "LISTEN" coming out in 2018. I am the Original Workdoer, I am the Original God!!! Hold That!!!!!!

Mummz is a very unique type of M.C., A Powerful and Energetic stage performer and a lyrical style that is truly his own. Mummz started doing his music at an early age with Allentown Hip Hop Pioneers Meltdown, PartnerOfIce, Drew Money,UndaGround Set and Steel Syndicate which helped him evolve his own style and confidence,after the intense training he hooked up with Big City local area producer and went to the next step.While working with City, Mummz was featured on Big Citys single "The One & Only" then later formed the group 3rd Earth with fellow artist Session9 releasing two group projects entitled "The Earth Project"&"In Due Time",before that Mummz was Featured on The D.J. Menace mixtape "The M.C. Joint 2000" in the summer of 2000 and Mummz was also featured on The Art Of Rhyme mixtape in 2006 along with fellow artist session9,shortly after that Mummz decided to embark on a solo career which got him a deal with rock label MuTan Ent. becoming their first Hip Hop Artist in 2007 one year in Mummz left the label and in june of 2008 Mummz joined with Lo Key and MISSION:INFECT and from there it Begins with INFECT The God dropped 2 albums with INFECT “Remember The Name and The Abomination” Ra then left INFECT in 2013 and then did The LOKEY LOVES YOU Tour during which time Ra joined The Society Of Invisibles and dropped another 2 albums Clash Of The Titans and The God Complex and is now working on his new album Wrath Of The Titans The God is also the Hip Hop Spokesperson for Lemonade Acre which is a movie special effects and prop company and also a member of the Nephilim Pantheon!!! Mumm Ra is also a proud ASCAP member since 2003!!!

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