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Wildstar For Governor

Bring Back Liberty with Nickolas Wildstar For Governor


Rap Artist/Human Rights Activist/2014 Independent CA Governor Candidate/2018 Libertarian CA Governor Candidate/Husband/Leader

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Vote Wildstar For Governor 2018!...

Vote Wildstar For Governor 2018!

On June 5th 2018 California will have the chance to elect the nations first Libertarian Governor by choosing Candidate Nickolas Wildstar! Be sure to support the campaign by volunteering or making a donation but most importantly by voting Wildstar For Governor in the June 5th primary election!

Anaheim City Council Owned By Governor Wildstar...

Anaheim City Council Owned By Governor Wildstar

Governor Wildstar joins fellow activists and MANY outraged Orange county residents at the Anaheim City Council Meeting on Tuesday October 18th.

Bright Future With Wildstar Says Larry Sharpe...

Bright Future With Wildstar Says Larry Sharpe

Recently Nickolas Wildstar attended the Riverside Libertarian Convention where Libertarian Governor Candidate of New York Larry Sharpe was the guest speaker. Larry is a very well known Libertarian and even ran for the Vice Presidential nomination in 2016. He took a moment to meet with Wildstar to discuss his campaign for California Governor. Check out this video and see for yourself exactly what Larry Sharpe had to say!

Wildstar For Governor Announcement At California Libertarian Convention...

Wildstar For Governor Announcement At California Libertarian Convention

Libertarian Nickolas Wildstar Announces his candidacy for governor of California to party members at the 2017 convention in Santa Clara.

The Wildstar Family | Wildstar For Governor
The Wildstar Family
Wildstar Governor | Wildstar For Governor
Wildstar Governor
Wildstar Governor | Wildstar For Governor
Wildstar Governor
Wildstar Meets Sharpe | Wildstar For Governor
Wildstar Meets Sharpe
Wildstar Governor | Wildstar For Governor
Wildstar Governor
Wildstar Governor | Wildstar For Governor
Wildstar Governor
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Wildstar For Governor /  California Bring Back Liberty with Nickolas Wildstar For Governor

Wisconsin native Nickolas Wildstar has been a resident of California since 1999 and happily refers to the state as his home. Developing from being a teenager growing into adulthood he has managed to conquer many of the problems most people living in California have a hard time dealing with. The high costs of living like housing and food, ever-increasing taxes on income, goods, and services, or civil justice abuses by authority did not prevent Wildstar from staying put and fighting through the unimaginable.

Somehow he’s even gotten along without a car at times which is essential to most Californians! Humbly riding on the bus or on the subway with the rest of the public as a working class citizen going to and from his job. Having been gainfully employed for over 20 years in various customer service positions, Wildstar is no stranger to dealing with all kinds of people one on one. Whether it be working as front desk staff or supervising a staff of employees he has obtained a level of professionalism awarded to college graduates all with a high school diploma. Nickolas Wildstar is proof that intelligence is more than just book smarts.

His street savvy intuitiveness and commanding persona as hip-hop artist QBall have made many accomplishments independently that most musicians are unable to achieve without major record label support. Not only was he able to get his music on permanent rotation with online radio stations like Pandora and Apple iTunes but he also has gotten the placement of his songs into major motion pictures such as the comedy blockbuster Scary Movie 4. In an attempt to hone his craft he gained a certificate in recording engineering by studying at the esteemed Los Angeles Recording School in Hollywood adding to his repertoire of skills. Wildstar has courageously performed on stage in front of thousands of Californians at venues such as Studio 56, Hollywood Park Casino, BB Kings Universal City Walk and many others through diligence and perseverance as his own career manager. There’s no doubt he has what it takes to capture the attention of those in his presence.

Wearing the Guy Fawkes mask that became familiar from the V for Vendetta box office movie and the infamous Anonymous Group he got involved as an activist during the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011. Trading a microphone for a megaphone seemed to be a natural transition for the emcee who continued to use his voice to awaken the masses. From protesting against taxation, police brutality, genetically modified food practices, climate control issues, and many other topics he soon started to become known as Governor Wildstar due to his push to recall Governor Jerry Brown and replace him, with himself! In 2014, Wildstar succeeded in becoming a nominee as an independent candidate for the office of governor but after not gathering enough votes in the primary to proceed to the general election he began to set his sights on the 2018 election. As a self-proclaimed protegé of long time congressman Dr. Ron Paul it became clear to Wildstar that it was the message of liberty that needed to be shared for him to emerge as a champion of the people.

With his wife of nearly 6 years, Crystal Wildstar, beside him, Mr. Wildstar is charging forward into the gubernatorial race as a candidate with the Libertarian party behind him! In hopes that voters will relate to him as being an ordinary person and that they’ll see his simple goal to ‘Bring Back Liberty’ is one that can be achieved Nickolas Wildstar aims to be the dark horse candidate that rises up out from the shadows. A true representative of the people who will create a government by the people working for the people. California is a great state in need of great leadership with the most exceptional choice being libertarian candidate Nickolas Wildstar! Support his campaign by donating or volunteering to help spread the word but most importantly be sure to vote Wildstar For Governor in the June 2018 primary!


Nickolas Wildstar

California Governor Candidate
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PO BOX 313
Placentia, CA 92871